A OOTD debut - The Trooper.

20 Mar 2013

A very poorly face unimpressed by a day of snow and rain.
Lips - Lime Crime Retrofuturist

OK. Seat belts on? Are you ready? Because I'm not.

I figured it was about time I did an outfit of the day post. Considering I have had this blog for a year now nearly, I've never done one. I won't list the dozens of reasons why, you can probably work it out from the photos. But hurrah, at long last, here I am. 

I feel this photo unfairly shows my 5'5" height. Shorty. Also. Death stare at the camera alert.

So what has spurred me on to make awkward poses and look at the camera as if I might break it? The best band in British history, that's what. If you have a cuppa ready, and want to know who has inspired this post, then I suggest you click this little link here and have a listen (for best effect, listen to it in the background whilst reading my post, I assure you, it's a winning combination). 

Ladies and gentlemen, the best band to ever come from Britain, Iron Maiden.

Let's be honest. I'm not slim. I'm not into fashion and each season's new trends. And I am probably the least 'fashionable' person I know. But one thing I do know, is I bloody well adore Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson is quite possibly the best specimen of the male species to be born in Nottingham. Oh and of course, the fact Iron Maiden were pretty much the only band I listened to growing up, making them my favourite band ever, I.D.S.F.T (people still write that, right?) So I'm happy to brave an outfit of the day post - something I have avoided like the plague - to share with you a new favourite t-shirt I am in love with. 

My new much-loved Iron Maiden Trooper t-shirt was kindly donated to me by Sugar Bullets, a UK website which stocks Amplified clothing. Amplified uses reverse seaming, vintage prints and fits designed to feel comfy and stand out. Oh and if you're wondering - quite possibly the softest feeling t-shirt I've ever had! Whereas some band t-shirts (OK, the majority) I have, have a horrible starchy, rough feel to them no matter how many times you wash them and smoother them in conditioner (clothes that is, not hair), this t-shirt is heavenly soft and easy to wear, a super comfortable fit, not being too tight or clinging to me, but still giving off a nice look. I love it that much, I already have my eye on the Iron Maiden Mummy t-shirt

Born to be a Princess, obviously.
Battered and worn down black studded biker boots - New Look, £34.99
Black skater skirt with studded belt - New Look, £12.99
Leggings - Primarni, £3
Charcoal Iron Maiden Trooper t-shirt* - Sugar Bullets, £24.99
Awkwardness - Priceless

So there you have it, my first OOTD! Be sure to check out Sugar Bullets and their huge range of Amplified clothing on their Official website here, and let me know if you decide to pick up a new t-shirt to remind you of your favourite band.