31 March 2013

NARS And God Created the Woman

A picture of NARS And God Created the Woman

I have a few products from NARS but it's still a brand that's relatively new to me. I always go into my local Space NK and have a little swatch and 'ohh' and 'ahh' over all the pretty colours, but it's a brand it takes a lot for me to part with my pennies for. Why? I have no idea. I have NARS Laguna bronzer which is still one of my holy grail bronzers, and I recently treated myself to my very first NARS blush, in the beautiful shade Gilda, but it wasn't until this beautiful And God Created the Woman eyeshadow palette and kit came out that I decided enough was enough with lusting from afar with this brand, and I placed an order!

30 March 2013

Burt's Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

A picture of Burt's Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub
I love a good body scrub. I love scrubbing my skin until it's silky soft and smooth. There's just something about having silky smooth skin which makes me feel so much more confident! And the Burt's Bees Cranberry and Pomegranate Sugar Scrub has won a place in my favourites for body scrubs, perfect for a quick scrub that leaves your skin happy and with a scent which is super refreshing, perfect.

29 March 2013

Top 5 March 2013

A picture of March Favourites

I have actually loved pretty much everything this month - March has been a pretty darn good month. And with that has come products that I have absolutely adored using, feel excited to reach for and in the end, I was left with five products at the end of the month that I knew without a doubt were well worth of a spot in my March Top 5 post.

Panache Learn the Fit

A picture of Panache Learn the Fit course

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going on a little adventure up to Sheffield for the day for an exciting, information and fun filled day over at Panache HQ.

What is Panache? 
Panache Lingerie was launched in 1982 and in 1989 Panache started their own in-house designs. In 1998 Panache made it's first move to department stores in the UK and in 2003 they launched their first D+ sized swimwear range. In 2005, Masquerade was launched and in 2008, the Cleo range. In 2011, Panache launched Panache sport and in 2012, Panache saw the launch of the Sculptresse range and Cleo swimwear range. Also in 2012, Panache won Best Sports Bra of the Year. Panache Lingerie specialises in D+ sizes, with lingerie made from quality fabrics, expert designs and fits, all for a comfortable, right fitting and supporting bra. Panache know how important it is to have a bra which is the right size and fit, not just for comfort, but also to support and look after one of the most important parts of the female body - our breasts. 

28 March 2013

MAC Springsheen Blush

A picture of MAC Springsheen Blush

I don't own a lot of MAC blushes. In fact my collection has a total of four. But over the past couple of months I've found myself turning more and more to MAC for blushes, becoming really impressed with their formulas, colour range and lasting power. A recent MAC blush purchase of mine was the beautiful shade Springsheen. 

27 March 2013

Lush Nottingham Bloggers Evening 2013

A picture of Lush Bath Bombs

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a small, intimate beauty bloggers evening at Lush, Nottingham. I popped along for an evening of testing out products, finding out about new products and formulas, and getting to know more about the history of Lush and their products. As a big fan of Lush for over a decade now, this was a really enjoyable evening for me - I love finding out more about brands I adore!

26 March 2013

The Skincare Series | Oils & Serums

A picture of oils and serums for oily skin

The Skincare Series is coming to a close. With just a couple of posts left to go, we have covered absolutely loads of skincare areas! From my first post where I shared My Old Skincare Routine, Makeup Remover, Face Wash, Cleansers, Exfoliators, Toners and Eye Care. This month we're going to be talking serums and oils, and then all we have left to cover are face masks and moisturisers!

25 March 2013

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful 10 Step Lesson

Beautysets - Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful 10 Step Lesson

When I had my Origins facial done a couple of weeks ago, I booked myself in to get my makeup done afterwards over at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter in House of Fraser, Nottingham. Bobbi Brown do a variety of makeup sessions, which they refer to as lessons. The lessons are free; but you are requested to buy a product afterwards. I decided to pick up the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual for mine, which I will be reviewing soon once I have had a proper read.

24 March 2013

Ojon Volume Advance

A picture of Ojon Volume Advance

If you have naturally fine and limp hair like me, you'll know just how important it is to find volumising products that work for your hair without damaging your hair. Step in the Ojon Volume Advance Ritual range! With key ingredients of Ojon oil; known as natures golden elixir, rich in essential lipids and great for restoring perfect health and vitality to hair, and peruvian amaranth;  a tiny South American grain packed with protein which helps to seal hair's cuticles and fortifies fine hair with the nutrients needed for fullness, shine and flexibility against breakage.

23 March 2013

Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel

 A picture of Origins Super Spot Remover

If you've been blogging a while then you will remember like me, how much the Origins Super Spot Remover has been a raved about product over the past year or so. It is a bit of a cult product where skincare products for spots and blemishes are concerned, and so I've been dying to try it out. The only thing stopping me from trying this blemish treatment gel, is the fact I very rarely get spots or blemishes. So I had this in my skincare cupboard a fair while before being able to give it ago. But, thanks to my ever changing skin, I've had a few blemishes lately and finally got to test this out to see if it could help! 

22 March 2013

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask

A picture of Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Face Mask

The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey face mask has been on my wish list a long, long time. I've been dying to try it after reading lots of rave reviews and people telling me how wonderful this mask is. So when I got the chance to try it out, I was so super excited! Antipodes is a favourite brand of mine and I knew this mask was going to be amazing if it was anywhere near as good as my holy grail skincare product, the Antipodes Divine Face Oil.

Bdellium Tools Smokey Eyes Step-by-step

I have a bit of a different post for you all today! I've teamed up with www.CuteCosmetics.co.uk in doing a post over on their blog. The post is a step-by-step guide to the Bdellium Smokey Eyes Five Piece Brush Step. You can check out my post over on the CuteCosmetics blog here!

I thought it'd be good to also share the post on here! 

Bdellium Tools is a professional eco-friendly makeup brush brand, whose brushes are made from sustainable bamboo handles, all vegan soft synthetic bristles and are 100% cruelty free! The Bdellium Tools Yellow Bamboo Vegan Smokey Eyes 5 Piece Brush Set contains five brushes perfect for creating any smokey eye your heart desires! Today I am going to share with you the best ways to use these brushes to your advantage for a beautiful smokey eye! 

Step 1
The Bdellium Tools 777 brush is an all round eye-shadow brush, perfect for applying shadow across your entire lid. You can use this to apply colour over your lid, as well as adding highlight to your brow bone. This brush is also perfect for adding a pop of colour on to the center of your lid to finish off a look.
Step 2
The Bdellium Toolas 716 brush has the perfect shape for creating a smoky look around the inner corner of your eye. You can use this brush to subtly apply a lighter shimmer shade, opening up your eyes and making them appear bigger and brighter.
Step 3
The Bdellium 781 brush is a crafted brush shaped for applying colour to the crease of your eye. This brush works perfectly to apply a darker shade through your crease without making a mess or altering the paler shades used more towards the inner third of your lid. It’s also great for using your darker shadow shades to subtly line your lower lash line.
Step 4
The Bdellium 769 brush is a sharp angled brush for contouring with intense colour. You can use this brush to apply a darker shade on the outer crease of your eye, and it works perfectly to blend shades through making your eyeshadow look effortlessly and professionally put together.
Step 5
The final brush in the set is the Bdellium Tools 760 brush. This brush is perfect for lining both your upper and lower lash line and can be used to create anything from a slim, subtle liner to a more wide, intense winged liner. You can even use this brush with cream and gel products as well as powder!

By using this brush set and following my five simple steps, you can create a gorgeous smokey eye for anytime of day or night. It’s the perfect set of brushes not only for a smokey eye, but for general eyeshadow application and at just £24.99 it’s a bargain set! You can find it on the CuteCosmetics website here.

Be sure to check out the CuteCosmetics blog and website, the blog is great and filled with guest posts from bloggers, latest news of new products on the website and lots of eco, animal and planet friendly products! And the website also stocks some great brands as well as some hard to find in the UK American brands, so definitely worth a look! 


21 March 2013

Get beautiful brows with Sigma

A picture of Sigma Beauty Brows

Sigma is a brand I probably wish out of all the American brands, would branch out to the UK the most. Why they haven't already opened up a UK website or store is beyond me. I genuinely think their products would sell like wild fire! I've shared a few Sigma products over the months, such as a review of five Sigma makeup brushes as well as a review of the Sigma Eyes Kit brush set! I am a big, big fan of their brushes and reach for them over all other brushes. They are just unbeatable! So imagine my excitement when I realised Sigma did brow products too! I knew Sigma had a makeup range, and I'm hoping their new powder shadows and bases will soon reach the one place in the UK I can count on for a sneaky Sigma purchase; Beauty Chamber. But although I knew they had a makeup range, I didn't know about these two beauties. And I don't say beauties lightly. These have become holy grail, daily use products for me. 

A picture of Sigma Brow Gel

The Sigma Brow Gel is perfect for keeping unruly brows in place. A dual ended brow gel, one end is a clear gel which can be used to tame your brows and give a natural look, whilst the tinted end can be used to intensify and add colour to your brows. The clear end admittedly hasn't had a whole lot of use from me - I like my brows to stand out loud and proud! But for those who don't use products to fill their brows in, the clear end would work perfectly to keep your brows in place. The tinted end however has seen a lot of use from me! If I am just staying home for the day or only popping down the village, the tinted end is perfect for use alone to give my brows a bit more colour whilst also creating shape and keeping them in place. I also like using the tinted end to finish off my brows when I have used my Benefit Browzings. It just finishes them off nicely and ensures that on a busy day when I'm out of the house all day, that my brows don't decide to get a life of their own! This is my first experience of using a brow gel and I'm really happy with it. What's even better is it is a super reasonable price of just £10.95. You can find it on the Beauty Chamber website here

A picture of Sigma Highlighting Pencil

My favourite of the two Sigma brow products is the Sigma Highlighting Pencil. Again with two different finishes, one end is a matte brightening pink shade whereas the other is a more golden shimmer shade. In the swatches above you can see how intense the colours are, but once applied on my brow bone, simply blending them in using my finger tips makes them subtle, leaving a lovely highlight and making my brow bone look more sculptured  I love it! My favourite is the matte end which I just find perfect for every day use and if I am off out for an evening, then I opt for the shimmer end. Again, for just £10.95, you can find the Sigma Highlighting Pencil on the Beauty Chamber website here

I'm really impressed with both of these products and I am excited to explore the Sigma Beauty Makeup range more and try out a few more pieces! 

What do you like to use on your brows?



20 March 2013

A OOTD debut - The Trooper.

A very poorly face unimpressed by a day of snow and rain.
Lips - Lime Crime Retrofuturist

OK. Seat belts on? Are you ready? Because I'm not.

I figured it was about time I did an outfit of the day post. Considering I have had this blog for a year now nearly, I've never done one. I won't list the dozens of reasons why, you can probably work it out from the photos. But hurrah, at long last, here I am. 

I feel this photo unfairly shows my 5'5" height. Shorty. Also. Death stare at the camera alert.

So what has spurred me on to make awkward poses and look at the camera as if I might break it? The best band in British history, that's what. If you have a cuppa ready, and want to know who has inspired this post, then I suggest you click this little link here and have a listen (for best effect, listen to it in the background whilst reading my post, I assure you, it's a winning combination). 

Ladies and gentlemen, the best band to ever come from Britain, Iron Maiden.

Let's be honest. I'm not slim. I'm not into fashion and each season's new trends. And I am probably the least 'fashionable' person I know. But one thing I do know, is I bloody well adore Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson is quite possibly the best specimen of the male species to be born in Nottingham. Oh and of course, the fact Iron Maiden were pretty much the only band I listened to growing up, making them my favourite band ever, I.D.S.F.T (people still write that, right?) So I'm happy to brave an outfit of the day post - something I have avoided like the plague - to share with you a new favourite t-shirt I am in love with. 

My new much-loved Iron Maiden Trooper t-shirt was kindly donated to me by Sugar Bullets, a UK website which stocks Amplified clothing. Amplified uses reverse seaming, vintage prints and fits designed to feel comfy and stand out. Oh and if you're wondering - quite possibly the softest feeling t-shirt I've ever had! Whereas some band t-shirts (OK, the majority) I have, have a horrible starchy, rough feel to them no matter how many times you wash them and smoother them in conditioner (clothes that is, not hair), this t-shirt is heavenly soft and easy to wear, a super comfortable fit, not being too tight or clinging to me, but still giving off a nice look. I love it that much, I already have my eye on the Iron Maiden Mummy t-shirt

Born to be a Princess, obviously.
Battered and worn down black studded biker boots - New Look, £34.99
Black skater skirt with studded belt - New Look, £12.99
Leggings - Primarni, £3
Charcoal Iron Maiden Trooper t-shirt* - Sugar Bullets, £24.99
Awkwardness - Priceless

So there you have it, my first OOTD! Be sure to check out Sugar Bullets and their huge range of Amplified clothing on their Official website here, and let me know if you decide to pick up a new t-shirt to remind you of your favourite band.



MUA Hide & Conceal Cover Up Stick

A picture of MUA Hide and Conceal Cover Up Stick

Concealer. We all use it, even those of us blessed with perfect skin. Concealer hides those sins we don't want the World to see. But finding a good one can be like battling through every brand and version going! So, if you're fed up of trying everything possible, and want a much cheaper alternative, I present to you the MUA Hide & Conceal Cover Up Stick!

I actually picked this up just to try it out but I didn't quite expect it to be as good as it is. Now, let me just say this now - This is not an amazing product nor is it a miracle worker. But for day to day use, it's a great little product that helps to hide and conceal any blemishes you want to hide away! It comes in a lipstick bullet packaging, which is my only issue with this concealer as if you look in the pictures, you can see there is a good half inch of product which is in the tubing at the very bottom. When I reach that section of the product, God knows how I'll get it out! 

A picture of MUA Hide and Conceal Cover Up Stick

The concealer itself is thick, but applies smoothly and evenly and is easy to blend in, too. It comes in two shades, light and medium, and the shade I have is medium. It's the perfect size for popping in your handbag too. Lasting wise, I do find this lasts quite well on me throughout the day when finished with my Ben Nye Banana Powder, and it isn't sticky or greasy, and doesn't slip and slide throughout the day. For just £1, you can't really go wrong! You can find it on the MUA website here.

What is your favourite concealer?

A picture of MUA Hide and Conceal Cover Up Stick


19 March 2013

My thoughts on Origins Clear Improvement!

A picture of Origins Clear Improvement

One of my Christmas presents this last Christmas was a set of three Origins face masks. One of the masks in the set was the Origins Clear Improvement mask, a mask I have seen absolute rave reviews about. I have used this mask once a week or so for the past couple of months, giving it a good chance before sharing my thoughts on it with you all!

"When environmental pollutants, dirt and debris get under your skin, its waste-filtering system gets jammed, pores get clogged, skin looks cloudy. Nature's complexion clean-up crew gets to the bottom of skins overcast condition and clears the way for it to act its best. Activated charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out pore-cloggers. White China clay absorbs environmental pollutants, Lecithin dissolves impurities. Without all that 'stuff' down there, skin "breaths a sigh of relief"."

A picture of Origins Clear Improvement

Whenever I put this mask on, I can't help but laugh. I think coal masks, especially dark ones, make everyone look rather comical and I always give my boyfriend a shock when he sees me in it. I use this mask when I feel like my pores are really in need of a proper deep cleanse, and it works an absolute treat. Once applied all over my face and neck, I leave it on for 15-20 minutes until it is dry all over before rinsing off with warm water. It leaves my skin looking clean and clear, and although after just one use I didn't see much of a difference, after using this several times I have noticed more and more benefits to my skin after each use. I've loved using this mask and would really recommend it to anyone who has difficulties with clogged pores! You can find it on the Origins website here and a 100ml tube costs £20.

A picture of Origins Clear Improvement


18 March 2013

Benefit's World Famous Neutrals Eye Kits

A picture of Benefit World Famous Neutrals Kits
When the UK release date for the new Benefit World Famous Neutrals came around, I'm pretty sure all Benefit fans let out squeals of excitement - I know I did. The one thing I was yet to try from Benefit was any of their eyeshadows, so I was excited by the look of these gorgeous gypsy palettes, each promising to be perfect for a neutral eye. 

A picture of Benefit Easiest Nudes Ever World Famous Neutrals Kit

There are three kits and each comes with four Longwear powder eyeshadows and two Creaseless Cream eyeshadows, as well as a handy little Tips & Tricks booklet, and a built in mirror. So perfect for anyone from beginners to makeup professionals, and even more perfect for on the go!

A picture of Benefit Easiest Nudes Ever World Famous Neutrals Kit
*Apologies for the mis-spelling of Pinky Swear in the swatches!

Eyenessa's Easiest Nudes Ever helps you get your Goddess on with a mix of nude, rose gold and bronzed shades. Call My Buff might look yellow in the kit, but it's a very subtle nude shade on. Thanks a Latte has a touch of shimmer and is a very light neutral bronze shade. Pinky Swear is a pretty pale pink and Quick, Look Busy is a deeper bronze shade. As for the Creaseless Cream shadows, R.S.V.P is a very pretty deep rose gold shade, with No Pressure! being a warmer chocolate bronze. I think this is a perfectly wearable kit for any skin tone, perfect for day time but easy to mix up to a night look with a pop of Quick, Look Busy in the crease.

A picture of Benefit Sexiest Nudes Ever World Famous Neutrals Kit

Eyenessa's Sexiest Nudes Ever are more dramatic and daring, making sexy totally wearable! With cool toned white and silver shimmer shades, a deep and sultry mauve shade and a beautiful deep pink for the Longwear powder shadows, and a gorgeous yellow gold and deep charcoal grey for the Creaseless Cream shadows, this kit is certainly more for those a fan of the smokey eye and sure to be the perfect kit for a night out! 

A picture of Benefit Sexiest Nudes Ever World Famous Neutrals Kit

My favourite kit of the three is Eyenessa's Most Glamorous Nudes Ever. When they arrived, I thought that Eyenessa's Sexiest Nudes Ever would be my favourite - I'm a self confessed addict of a smokey eye. But Eyenessa's Most Glamorous Nudes Ever really won me over. Perfect for a truly bronzed eye, with incredibly wearable shades for day or night, this kit is the kit I think will be the biggest hit for the warmer months ahead, the perfect kit to compliment a tan and one which will bring a bit of glamour anyone.

A picture of Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes Ever World Famous Neutrals Kit

Call My Buff is a subtle cream nude shade, perfect for all over the lid. Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy is my favourite shade from the kit, a beautiful warm chocolate brown with bronze shimmer to it. It's Complicated is a perfect champagne pink shade and reminds me very much of a favourite French Connection eyeshadow I had growing up, and Guil-y Pleasure is a perfect pop of gold for adding a touch of Cleopatra like glamour to your eyes. The Creasless Cream shadows are the perfect base, Birthday Suit a light brown with touches of rose, and My Two Cents, a beautiful gold bronze. 

A picture of Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes Ever World Famous Neutrals Kit

I think these kits are brilliant! For my first time trying Benefit eyeshadows, both powder and cream, I am really impressed. I find the Creaseless Cream shadows work perfectly as a base and the Longwear Powder shadows have fab pigmentation with a dreamy soft and easy to blend formula. Lasting power wise, these last just as long as my beloved Urban Decay shadows, holding up all day with no problem! These kits are perfect for anyone and I also think they'd make a lovely gift. You can happily get away with just one kit, but if you're an eyeshadow addict like me, having all three is a dream! What I love most about these kits is that all the shades in the kits are so wearable, go so well together and also the price. For just £23.50 a kit, they are super affordable! You can find them on the Benefit website here! Which one will you be picking up?



Can you marry a scent?

A picture of the Balance Me Super Toning range

Oh Balance Me, is there a product you could ever make that I wouldn't love? I strongly doubt it!

I adore Balance Me. I'm used to their products doing wonderful things to my skin, but the Super Toning range is quite clearly, where body care is concerned, in a league of it's own. If not just for the scent which literally drives me wild with happiness - a truly intoxicating scent featuring beauties such as juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender. Balance Me's first bespoke blend, I am truly addicted to the scent of this range and hold my hands up now to cast my vote and say "Please make a perfume in this scent, pretty, pretty please!" It's just that divine. 

But enough about the scent which lingers all day and makes me feel oh so pretty wonderful. What about the products? There are three products in the Balance Me Super Toning range and I have been lucky enough to try out all three! Although I am sure they work just as wonderfully alone, I think with ranges like this it's super important to use a range in it's entirity to get the full effects of wonderfulness. 

The Super Toning range aims to tone your skin day after day and helps to target those areas we hate, which are prone to cellulite and dimples. I'm a big girl, so cellulite is no stranger to me. And I also don't have particularly the smoothest skin on my upper arms, despite being a member of the BSA (body scrubs anonymous, to those wondering) so I was really intrigued to try the range out and see if it could really do anything to help my poor skin out! And it has!

Let's be realistic - No product is going to be that miracle product which makes your cellulite, dimples or any other skin concern you have completely vanish as if a lovely, delightful wicca from a Disney fairy tale has cast a spell to solve your problems. But, products (and treatments) can help. Has this range ridded me of my cellulite and rougher-than-I'd-like-skin? No. But I have seen improvements. My skin feels lot smoother since using this range, something I think is massively down to the Super Toning Body Oil. The Super Toning Body Cream leaves my skin soft and nourished the entire day, and the scent from all three products (did I mention how amazing the scent is?) lingers all day long like no product before. I'm a fan. In fact, I'm smitten. Combined, I think the range work marvellously together. My skin feels and looks smoother, taughter and softer. That for me, is a result! 

You can find the Balance Me Super Toning range on their website, here

A picture of the Balance Me Super Toning range


16 March 2013

Did you know Origins do makeup?

A picture of Origins Makeup

Last weekend when I went for my super pampering facial at Origins in House of Fraser, Nottingham, my friend Emily came along. She also had a treatment room facial after me, and is now just as much in love with Origins products as I am! Whilst we were there, Emily also had her makeup done by Nichola using all Origins products. I wanted to share it with you, as it wasn't until recently that I knew Origins even had a makeup range, so this is the perfect opportunity to share! 

A picture of Origins Makeup

Origins makeup range is actually quite varied. It has the Planscription Foundation with SPF15, the Plantscription Anti-aging Concealer, the Quick, Hide! Long-wearing Concealer, the Brighter by Nature Skin Tone Correction Powder with SPF30 and A Perfect World BB Anti-defense Tinted Moisturiser with SPF15 for it's base range. The products from this range which intrigue me the most are the Planscription Foundation, which Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup is always raving about, as well as the two concealers. 

A picture of Origins Makeup

When playing around with the makeup, I was really impressed by the eye makeup range. With the Ginzing Mascara and Brigthening Cream Eyeshadows as well as Peeper Pleaser Powder Eyeshadows, the range is quite vast with lots of lovely shades in a range of colours. I was really impressed with the pigmentation and formula of the powder eyeshadows, which have powerful colour with a creamy and easy to blend formula. And the cream eyeshadows really have some power behind them, which felt lovely on my skin and again, a great variety of colours. 

A picture of Origins Makeup

Origins also has some cheek products, with the Pinch Your Cheeks Liquid Blushes, and the Pinch Your Cheeks Powder Blushes (one colour of which I fell utterly in love with!) The colour pay off on the liquid blushes was great, and the powder blushes feel lovely and soft. Origins also have a Conditioning Lip Balm and their own range of brushes!

The makeup range itself is smaller than most brands you come across, but Origins is predominately a skincare brand. There's a few things missing from the range which would make lovely additions, such as lip colours, bronzers, eye and lip pencils as well as possibly a brow product. But everything which is already in the range seemed lovely. I really love the eye-shadows, particularly the powder shadows, and think the base products look really promising. I'm trying out the foundation, a concealer and two powder eyeshadows at the moment, so keep an eye out for my review!

A picture of Origins Makeup

Seeing the makeup applied on Emily, by the super talented Nichola, was lovely. The eyeshadows blended beautifully together and the foundation looked really natural. The mascara also looks fab, which made Emily's lashes look amazing! I'd definitely recommend having a little swatch and play with the Origins makeup line when you're next near a counter! 


Clarins, getting rid of everything!

Clarins is a brand who never fails to impress me with their products and over the past month or two I have been using two of their products in my nightly skincare routine which have really won me over.

I've been using the Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser as a pre-cleanse when taking off my makeup at night. In one simple step, this soothing cleanser creatres the sensation of water fresh cleaning - without the water! With moringa seed extract (it smells lovely like the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm) which gently rinses away impurities and light makeup, with a fresh, non-foaming action. The peach's softening and soothing properties leaves your skin smooth, supple and velvety soft. This is the first step in my nighttime skincare routine and definitely helps my skin along in becoming makeup free and letting it relax and breath! You can find it on the Clarins website here and a 200ml bottle costs £19.50.

An absolute star of a product and without a doubt the best eye makeup remover I have ever used, is the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover. A pi-phase lotion which instantly removes all traces of eye makeup, including long-wearing and waterproof makeup, this product is an absolute beauty! You know in adverts you see models advertising products where a touch of product on a cotton pad swipes away makeup in one go? This is one of those products. Applied to a cotton wool pad, I hold this against my each eye for around 30 seconds. When I gently wipe away, 99% of my eye makeup is gone! It's an incredible product and I can't believe how utterly beautiful it is at doing exactly what it says it will! You can find it on the Clarins website here and a 125ml bottle costs £17.

What's your favourite eye makeup remover and facial cleanser?


15 March 2013

MUA Undress Me Too; a let down.

A picture of the MUA Undress Me Too Palette

When MUA announced the release of their newest palette, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. With the slightly risky name of Undress Me Too, this palette has been dubbed the Naked 2 dupe. Like most MUA palettes, the palette contains 12 shades with a mix of both shimmer and matte shades. 

A picture of the MUA Undress Me Too Palette

I thought, like when I purchased the Undressed palette from MUA, that this palette would also wow me and surpass my expectations. And there are a few shades which I really love from the palette, such as Fiery and Shy. But for the most part? It hasn't wowed me and made it's way into my favourite palettes pile.

A picture of the MUA Undress Me Too Palette

I can't deny that MUA does have good quality products for the price. Their prices are some of the lowest on the UK high-street and I do love and often use their eye-shadow palettes. But I just found this one a little lacking. Perhaps I miss the days when MUA palettes were colour themes all of their own thought, and not a dupe of higher end products. And I find some of the shades in the palette lacking in the usual lasting power I've come to expect from MUA. Of course, this is an utterly bargain palette at £4 and I do use it every now and then, I just don't think it is the best palette MUA have to offer. In fact, I could happily live without it. It hasn't impressed me like the Undressed palette did. And it's possibly even put me off of MUA for a while; I love high-street dupes of high-end products. But I prefer originality in a brand, lasting power in their products and stand alone colours. And this doesn't tick any of those boxes.

You can find this palette on the MUA website here.

A picture of the MUA Undress Me Too Palette

Have you picked up the newest palette to join the MUA family? What are your thoughts on it? 


14 March 2013

Instead of a Beauty Box # 3

A Picture of L'Oreal Topcoat Confetti

Picking a product for my March Instead of a Beauty Box post was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Having indulged in the high-street new releases in January and February which had caught my eye, I was at a loss as to what product would make the perfect addition to my Instead of a Beauty Box posts. And then it hit me... There was one product I was lusting after that I was yet to pick up.

So during a recent shopping day in Nottingham, I went to every Boots and Superdrug I could to find the new L'Oreal Paris Confetti top coat. It is the newest in a line of four, with the other shades being Sapphire Lurex, Gold Lurex and Diamond Lurex. I don't own any of the other shades, but this one caught my eye as it's very similar to shades newly released by Illamasqua in their I'mperfection collection, which contains as well as other makeup pieces, five beautiful speckled polishes. But the Illamasqua polishes are £14.50 each, and whereas this L'Oreal top coat is just a top coat and not a shade with confetti in it, it's still a quarter of the price at just £4.99.

I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting to be wowed by this top coat, but I actually love it! It's a really beautiful top coat, with large pieces of matte black and white confetti, and a touch of very, very subtle irridescent glitter which is almost hard to see. It works really well as a top coat, keeping my nail polish chip free. And I think the finished effect when used on top of my Lime Crime polish in Once in a Blue Mousse, isn't too far off of those of the Illamasqua shades!

What product would you suggest for my April Instead of a Beauty Box post? You can find the L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat on the Boots website here!

A picture of a Illamasqua Speckled Polish Dupe

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