Treat Yourself

28 Feb 2013

Excuse me for the over the top exaggeration of a title – I'm not actually referring to myself as beautiful. But one thing I am sure all beauty bloggers around the World can agree on, is that being a beauty blogger can all add up to being a pretty pricey hobby! You see a new hyped up product and you want it before anyone else, you see a new range hit your local Boots or Superdrug, and you can’t help but pick up every last shade. You see a rave review about a gorgeous new high-end lipstick, and you’re lusting after it as if the World will end if you don’t get it. We all know the feeling. I get it every day reading all of the blogs I follow! And sometimes, there are just not enough pennies in your pocket to fund it all. But it’s just so very hard to resist all the beautiful products that come out, and I am exactly the sort of person who wants every product, from every new range, from every brand! I like to call it a healthy obsession with beauty…

But there’s a quick and easy way to make enough money to fund your ever growing beauty collection and that’s with Cash for Gold. Cash for Gold is a super easy way to trade in a few unloved gold jewellery pieces, for some lovely cash to pick up that latest product your lusting after! It’s a super simple process too; you just fill out a form and you’ll soon be sent a Gold Pack which contains everything you need to sell your gold. Then simply package up the items you want to sell, post it back et voila! You get your cash super soon after!

And instead of having a piece of jewellery lying around that you never wear or is unloved, you can add to your makeup collection without ever feeling guilty about owning every last shade in that fantastic new range you just heard about. In fact, just talking about adding to my collection has made me want to go and delve into the realms of all those old jewellery boxes and see what long forgotten about treasures I can turn into a gorgeous new YSL lipstick!