Specsdirect2u Wishlist

15 Feb 2013

There's no denying that snow is pretty, and it has a magical effect on people. But whilst it coats the landscape, making everything look as if it is glistening with diamonds, I've been left wishing for brighter, warmer days. As snow has fallen over the past few weeks, I've been left day dreaming for the days of Spring and Summer. Where we can dress more for enjoyment and less in an attempt to keep warm. Where the colours of our makeup brighten up and become more colourful. And for the days where instead of needing the hood of my coat up to protect me from wind, rain and snow, I can grab my sunglasses. I have lots of different sunglasses, all different shapes, frames and colours. I usually pick a pair depending on what I am wearing that day. But that was until I came across Specsdirect2u. Now, I'm lusting after a luxurious pair of designer sunglasses which won't be worn simply to match whatever I am wearing that day, but instead, the piece which makes my outfit and completes my look.

There's something just that little bit more special about a pair of Prada, Gucci or Ray Ban glasses and I have my eyes set on a pair of beautiful Jimmy Choo sunglasses for the summer. With bold black frames and gold embellishments, these are just a quick glance at the huge variety of frames, shapes, glasses and looks Specsdirect2u stock. Whether you want something simplistic, or something with a little bit more oomph and eye catching beauty, you'll find your perfect pair on Specsdirect2u. And it's not just sunglasses Specsdirect2u sell, but prescription glasses too. 

Specsdirect2u are qualified opticians with four practices in the UK as well as their website, where they offer fantastic savings on glasses. Specsdirect2u promise they won't be beaten by anyone else on price for genuine designer glasses! They are the one-stop-shop where you can find prescription glasses, frames, sunglasses and designer names at the best unbeatable price. From names such as Prada, one of their biggest sellers, to Ray Ban, Giccui, Bench, Nike, GA, D&G and Dolce & Gabbana to name just a few, you're guaranteed to find your perfect pair of glasses with Specsdirect2u. 

Another great aspect of Specsdirect2u which I wanted to share with you all, is the Specsdirect2u blog. Filled to the brim with all the information you could possibly need, I've learnt a few things over the past week or so that I've been browsing the website and lusting over high-end lenses. 

Specsdirect2u deliver Worldwide, as well as having a contact number and messaging service for any questions you might have, and an easy online booking system. The website is beautifully easy to navigate making it as easy as anything for you to pick up some new designer frames, to get the perfect glasses for you with the right prescription or if you're like me, to lust after sunglasses of the high-end variety, waiting for those brighter days.