Argos Heated Styling Tools

5 Feb 2013

World over, Valentine’s day is known for being the day when loved ones shower each other in gifts to show just how very much they love one another. Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears. Everything cute and sentimental you could imagine, and I guarantee someone has marketed it perfectly for Valentine’s Day ready to help those hard earned pennies leave your purse or wallet! But what about the things our partner’s need, rather than want? Chocolate tastes good, but it doesn't last very long, does it? (Certainly not in my house anyway, where it’s gone within a few minutes and a gulp of tea!) And roses, oh beautiful, sweet scented roses, they don’t have a long life either, do they? So why not chose something that will last...

Whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and their bugging you to make the day easier by telling them what to buy you, or you’re a happy singleton this year and just want to treat yourself to something to mark the day (or use it as an awfully good excuse to spend some pennies on yourself!)

Something that we all want to last long, is the bounce, body and curls of gorgeous locks! So this Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself, or ask your loved one to indulge you in, a new set of heated rollers? The Lee Stafford My Big Fat Lock and Rollers heated rollers create big volume, with protecting tourmaline and built in grip and clips! Usually £49.99, they are on offer for just £39.99 with a 20% off saving for a limited time only! So these hot pink rollers will need to be snapped up quick! Then of course, there’s my personal favourite. The Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers which I reviewed here. These are a beauty, which create gorgeous curls with long lasting power! Also on offer for 20% off, you can snap these up for just £59.99 saving £15! If you’re looking for a brand that’s been around to stand the test of time, and just that little bit more purse friendly, there’s always the BaByliss 3035BU Thermo Ceramic Heated Hair Rollers, which do just as much of a great job as the Lee Stafford or Enrapture rollers! And at just £29.99, they are the most purse-friendly set out there!

If you really want to be treated and indulge in volume and curls which will leave everyone around you with hair envy, then why not pick up the Andrew Barton Making Waves Triple Barrel Hair Waver? Perfect for the warmer months just around the corner, this triple barrel hair waver is unbeatable in creating a beachy look, with 10 different temperature settings to help you get the wavy look of your dreams! And at £22.49, with a massive 25% off, they’ve got to be better than chocolate which disappears too quickly, right?

You can find all of these beauties and more on the Argos website here. Be different this Valentine’s Day – and get the gorgeous hair you’ve been lusting after!