Rimmel Apocalips, worth the hype?

4 Feb 2013

A picture of Rimmel Apocalips

 I love Rimmel. They have been my favourite high-street brand pretty much since the day I started buying and wearing makeup. I just find them perfect for everything; base, eyes, lips, cheeks, nails! A few of my holy grail products are from Rimmel, and it's probably the brand I have repurchased from the most over the years. So I always get excited when they release a new product! 

It seems everyone had heard of the Rimmel Apocalips way before me! The review I found the most helpful, because of the perfect lip swatches for each shade in this new vibrant range, was the Rimmel Apocalips: Review & Swatches post by Fleur from Fleur De Force. I knew as soon as I saw the swatches, that Big Bang, a vibrant, bright red, had to be mine! And even better, a couple of days later, Rimmel started selling these on their Facebook page, pre-release date! So I ordered Big Bang without a second thought! 
A picture of Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang
When it arrived, a good couple of weeks ago, I was pretty impressed. I quite like the packaging for this - the top section is almost like you might expect a smoothed meteor rock to be. I suppose, that's what we could expect if an 'Apocalips' was really on the way (clever packaging Rimmel!) As soon as it popped through my door, I had to give it a go! So I popped it on, and I am so impressed!

The pigmentation of Big Bang is spot on. It's vivid, bright and eye-catching, and for all the right reasons. Formula wise, it does apply wet like a lip gloss, but soon dries down to an almost matte finish on me. It somewhat reminds me of MAC's cult lipstick favourite, Ruby Woo. At first I wasn't overly keen on the applicator wand. It has a dip in the center which collects product. But after a few tries of using this and trying it out with different looks, I have actually come to really like the applicator - the dip in the center means you only need to use the wand once for all of your lips, as there is more than enough product, opposed to dipping back in the tube for more. Lasting power wise, I found this stayed on almost perfect for four hours before I needed to re-apply. And that was even with eating and drinking in-between! 
A picture of Rimmel Apocalips
Am I a fan? Yes! At first I was just going to stick with Big Bang, but then I swatched the others in store and fell in love. The only one they didn't have in stock was Nude, but I've since found it and now have the full set! (I didn't have Nude when taking these photos, so sorry there's no swatch!) I know a lot of people are dubious when a new product comes out and it's hyped about loads - but I really do think these are worth the hype. 

A picture of Rimmel Apocalips swatches

 My favourite is by far Big Bang. I'm a sucker for a true red and this one is just utterly beautiful! And if you're after a MAC Ruby Woo dupe, at just £5.99, this may just be your perfect solution! I also really love Nova which I've tried with a smokey eye and it looks so lovely! I think there's a shade for everyone in the range. And the fact I own every single shade says something! I don't think I've ever bought the full range from any brand or any release, ever! So it goes to show how much I adore these! Let me know what you think to them, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Have you got any? Which is your favourite shade? Do you think they are worth the hype? Let me know! 

A picture of Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang