Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy

25 February

A picture of Ojon Rare Blend Oil

When the Ojon Rare Blend Oil was released, I saw it everywhere. It was probably one of the most raved about and highly recommended hair oils of 2012. But what does it actually do, and is it really worth the hype?

Rare Blend Oil contains potent natural oils from all over the World; tropical Tahiti, Kalahari Desert in Africa, the remote rainforests of Central America, each potent natural oil is known for their "great healing powers". Each has been infused into three hair-phases; Amber, Crystal and Red. Just one precious drop of this multi-tasking hair oil will help protect, nourish and transform dull, dry or damaged hair to vibrant health, leaving your hair looking instantly glossier, shinier, softer, silkier and luxurious.

A picture of Ojon Rare Blend Oil

The Ojon Rare Blend Oil costs £29 for a 45ml bottle. It's definitely a high-end hair oil and it promises a lot. But does it really do what it says it will?

I'm glad to say it does! To use this hair oil you simply shake it well so that all three layers and colours have blended together. You only need a tiny amount, a pea sized amount is more than enough as a little goes a long way! Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a pourer or nozzle, so it's a case of carefully pouring out the desired amount. The first time I used this I received compliments on my hair from both my partner and two friends. That's more than I receive with any other product! This leaves my hair feeling impeccably smooth and soft, with a healthy shine and it definitely tames the frizz which comes along with my naturally curly hair. Do I think Ojon Rare Blend Oil is worth the hype? Definitely! It has a high-end price tag, but along with it comes the high-end quality you often struggle to find on the high street. This is one hair oil I really, really recommend investing in! You can find it over on the Ojon website here.

A picture of Ojon Rare Blend Oil

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