NEOM Real Luxury Body Scrub

01 February

A picture of NEOM Real Luxury Body Scrub

NEOM is a brand I have come to expect luxury from. Every NEOM product I have tried has been utterly divine and not only lived up to my expectations, but completely surpassed them, too. The NEOM Tranquility Organic Bath Foam is one of my absolute favourite bath time treat products to use, with it's utterly relaxing scent of English lavender, basil and sweet jasmine. NEOM candles are always sure to steal my heart and leave me feeling content and relaxed, and the NEOM Travel Candle Giftset has let me explore the different scents available, as well as the NEOM Christmas Wish candle being my cheeky little way of keeping a bit of the festive season alive, even though we are now in February. And of course, who can forget the NEOM Sensuous Reed Diffuser which open my eyes to the wonders of reed diffusers, and leaves my bedroom smelling sensational everyday. NEOM really is a luxurious brand, with luxurious products to match. 

The NEOM Real Luxury Organic Body Scrub is a body scrub which has had it's fair share of rave reviews. I've seen bloggers claim this is the best, most luxurious, most pamper-perfect product you could wish for. So I had high hopes for it! What I didn't expect, was to fall utterly in love with it and be completely wowed by it's utter beauty. The NEOM Real Luxury Body Scrub is made with 97% certified organic ingredients and it is an anti-aging body scrub which helps to improve circulation and remove dead skin cells, to create visibly smoother, glowing skin. It has an organic sugar base which is mixed with the finest oils including safflower and jojoba with added Vitamin E for extra skin softening. The scent of utterly sense-evoking lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood have been added to this gorgeous body scrub in pure essential oils, making it a truly pampering and skin smoothing treat!
A picture of NEOM Real Luxury Body Scrub
This utterly divine body scrub comes in a 332g glass tub which is clear, so you can see the product! As soon as you open this up you are hit with the gorgeous scents of lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, and I still melt a little inside each time I smell this. It's just so beautiful! To use, I work this the almost gold like body scrub into dry skin, working in circular motions working my way up my body. I have used this a few times now, once a week, and it hasn't made even the tiniest dent in the product, as a little goes such a long way. The organic sugar base is good enough to give my skin a good scrub, without being too abrasive or harsh on my skin. The essential oils coat my skin in the most gorgeous way from as soon as I start using the scrub, and my skin is left looking and feeling a million times softer, more supple and even with a healthy glow. 

I have used body scrubs before which have been favourites, such as the Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub. But this is truly in a World of it's own. Each time I use this, I look forward to it. It's a true pampering experience that never fails to leave me smiling and feeling so much better! A real treat for the skin. 

A picture of NEOM Real Luxury Body Scrub

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