MAC Lipstick Collection

13 Feb 2013

A picture of a MAC Lipstick Collection
It's no secret that I am a huge fan of MAC lipsticks. They are a product I will treat myself to quite often and I love MAC lipsticks probably more than any other brand. I recently shared a photo on my Instagram of my MAC lipsticks and a lot of people said they'd be interested to see a full collection post and to see which shades I actually have. So I thought it'd be a great excuse to do a MAC lipstick collection post! 
A picture of a MAC Lipstick Collection
I have 20 MAC lipsticks, eight of which are from Limited Edition collections. I am a complete sucker for MAC Limited Edition collections. The only thing I ever buy from the collections are lipsticks, and as soon as I hear about a new collection coming out, the products I search for are the lipsticks. I love MAC lipsticks as it is; the classic bullet lipstick with that all-so-satisfying 'click'. But collection lipsticks really draw me in - I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. 
A picture of MAC Matte Finish Lipsticks
My favourite MAC lipstick finish is Matte and it's also the finish I have the most lipsticks of. Five of my Matte finish lipsticks are from Limited Edition collections. Strong Woman and Absolute Power are from the Strength collection. Strong Woman is a deep mauve purple shade and Absolute Power is a deep red. Similar to Absolute Power is Deeply Adored and Charmed I'm Sure from the Marilyn Monroe collection, both of which are also deep reds. My final Matte Limited Edition collection lipstick, is Ronnie Red from the Veronica range of the Archie's Girls collection, which is a lovely cherry red! Another red (yes I like my reds!) with a Matte finish is the cult classic Ruby Woo, which really is the most true red lipstick you could find! And (yet another) red is the more orange based red, Lady Danger, which is also the first MAC lipstick I ever bought! I have two nude Matte lipsticks which are firm favourites of mine. Honey Love, which is a pale nude, and Velvet Teddy, which is a very warm nude. My final Matte finish lipstick is new to my MAC lipstick collection and that is Pink Plaid. A lovely muted pink shade.
A picture of MAC Lipstick Swatches
Top - Honey Love / Strong Woman / Ruby Woo / Lady Danger / Velvet Teddy
Bottom - Charmed I'm Sure / Pink Plaid / Ronnie Red / Deeply Adored / Absolute Power

My second favourite finish is Amplified, of which I have five shades. Morange is a vivid orange shade, with slight coral undertones. This is a lipstick I am still building up confidence with as it's very bright! Chatterbox is a lovely warm pink which isn't too bright or in your face. Vegas Volt is one of my favourite shades and is a coral toned pink shade. Up the Amp is a lavender shade, and Dramatic Encounter, which is from the Glamour Daze Collection, is a very deep brown purple. Dramatic Encounter is actually my least favourite MAC lipstick, as I find it very difficult to wear.

I have four Satin finishes and one Lustre finish. The Lustre finish lipstick I own is Hug Me which is a very warm toned honey shade. The four Satin finishes I have are Sail La Vie which is from the Hey Sailor! Collection, which is similar to Lady Danger and a coral based red. Betty Bright is from the Betty range of the Archie's Girls Collection and is a peach toned pink. Rebel, another cult-classic shade, is a vivid purple shade. A firm favourite of mine! And Snob, similar to Pink Plaid but with slightly more oomph to it! 
A picture of MAC Lipstick Swatches
Top - Chatter Box / Vegas Volt / Dramatic Encounter / Morange / Up the Amp
Bottom - Hug Me / Betty Bright / Snob / Sail La Vie / Rebel

So that's my MAC lipstick collection! Do you have any of the shades I have? What is your favourite MAC finish and shade? I am always on the look out for MAC lipstick recommendations, so please feel free to recommend me your favourites!