Berdoues Clair de Rose Eau de Toilette

2 Feb 2013

With Valentines just around the corner I'm pretty sure whether you are single or in a relationship, the day is on your mind. Those in relationships are wondering what their partner will get them to mark the day, or even what to get your partner. And those not in relationships are probably disliking the day approaching... But whatever situation you are in, today's review is of a beautiful perfume you can treat yourself to, or asked your particular sweet heart to treat you with this coming Valentines!

A picture of Berdoues Clair de Rose Eau de Toilette

Berdoues Clair de Rose Eau de Toilette is beautiful. It reminds me of the perfume bottles my grandma used to have, and I would always play with, making me feel like a real grown up. I have to admit - I wish more perfumes come with atomisers. I think there's something just very pretty and glamorous about atomisers. As time has gone on, we've forgotten the little wonders of spraying perfume using an atomiser, or proper, big powders in massive powder boxes with powder buffs. 

The bottle itself is huge, at 80ml, this beautifully pink bottle has a true girly and pampered feel to it. The scent has quickly become a favourite and ones I am reaching for more and more. It has notes of fruit and spice, with pink pepper and grapefruit. With a delicate but delicious touch of rose enhanced with the softness of peony, and a luscious scent of vanilla. This is a truly divine fragrance!

The first time I wore this perfume I received three compliments. Three. In the space of ten minutes during a quick Post Office dash. I hardly get that many on the numerous times I wear my other perfumes! It's a deliciously sweet scent with a touch of spice and warmth. I really adore it! It sits proudly on my dresser, a lovely perfume which would be perfect this Valentines day. So whether you are wanting an excuse to treat yourself, or want to suggest this to your partner, this would make the perfect Valentines gift! You can find it on the Marks and Spencer website here and a 80ml bottle usually costs £39.50, but is currently on offer for £31.60!

A picture of Berdoues Clair de Rose Eau de Toilette