28 February 2013

Treat Yourself

Excuse me for the over the top exaggeration of a title – I'm not actually referring to myself as beautiful. But one thing I am sure all beauty bloggers around the World can agree on, is that being a beauty blogger can all add up to being a pretty pricey hobby! You see a new hyped up product and you want it before anyone else, you see a new range hit your local Boots or Superdrug, and you can’t help but pick up every last shade. You see a rave review about a gorgeous new high-end lipstick, and you’re lusting after it as if the World will end if you don’t get it. We all know the feeling. I get it every day reading all of the blogs I follow! And sometimes, there are just not enough pennies in your pocket to fund it all. But it’s just so very hard to resist all the beautiful products that come out, and I am exactly the sort of person who wants every product, from every new range, from every brand! I like to call it a healthy obsession with beauty…

27 February 2013

5 Mini Benefit Reviews

A picture of Benefit mini samples

I love Benefit. From the gorgeous, eye-catching packaging which draws you in, to the huge variety of beauty products they lovingly create and master. It's a brand I admired from afar growing up, then indulged in every now and then as my interest in makeup got bigger. And now, it's a brand I happily turn to for a treat because I know their products are certainly worth the pennies and pounds. Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on five Benefit minis!

26 February 2013

My Top 5 | February 2013

A picture of Ben Nye Banana Powder, Origins Never A Dull Moment face polisher, a beauty blender, MAC blush in springsheen and Bobbi Brown gel liner

One of my favourite posts to write is sharing my favourite products of the month. I think it's a really great way to find out what really works for someone, what they have been using the most and also to get a bit of a more informal review on products. This month picking my Top 5 was a lot easier than it was for my January Top 5. These are all products I have really been loving and enjoyed using for the whole of February and ones I think will be hard to beat in March!

25 February 2013

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy

A picture of Ojon Rare Blend Oil

When the Ojon Rare Blend Oil was released, I saw it everywhere. It was probably one of the most raved about and highly recommended hair oils of 2012. But what does it actually do, and is it really worth the hype?

Rare Blend Oil contains potent natural oils from all over the World; tropical Tahiti, Kalahari Desert in Africa, the remote rainforests of Central America, each potent natural oil is known for their "great healing powers". Each has been infused into three hair-phases; Amber, Crystal and Red. Just one precious drop of this multi-tasking hair oil will help protect, nourish and transform dull, dry or damaged hair to vibrant health, leaving your hair looking instantly glossier, shinier, softer, silkier and luxurious.

24 February 2013

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.1

A picture of Liz Earle Botanical Essence NO.1

Liz Earle makes wonderful skincare products which treat my skin and keep it in amazing shape. But one thing Liz Earle isn't raved about enough for, is their Eau de Parfum range. Last year I reviewed the Liz Earle Botanical Essence NO.15 which is still my absolute favourite perfume. But the Liz Earle Botanical Essence NO.1 is really making itself a very close second.

23 February 2013

The Skincare Series | Eye Creams

Makeup can cover a multiple of sins, but one thing I think is much harder to cover with makeup, is eye concerns. For me personally, I suffer from dark circles and bags on my under eye area and they can be the bane of my life to sort out sometimes! There are three products I have been using lately and at long last, I feel like I have battled and conquered the concerns I had for my eye area, and just in time for the skincare series on eye creams! A good eye cream will do what makeup can't - fix the problem at the cause. The skin around our eyes is incredibly sensitive and delicate, so it's important that we do what we can to look after it! 

A review of the Origins GinZing Eye Cream

22 February 2013

Burt's Bees Beeswax & Banana Hand Cream

A picture of Burt's Bees Beeswax and Banana Hand Cream

I am a pretty big fan of Burt's Bees. Their Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme is my holy grail nail care product and their Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil is one of my all time favourite lip balms. Whenever I am in Boots, or anywhere else for that matter that sells Burt's Bees, I always gravitate to the Burt's Bees stands and have a gander at the products (and by gander I do of course mean smelling all of the beautiful products!) And one product I have been really lusting after for a while now is the Burt's Bees Beeswax and Banana Hand Cream. Like all the Burt's Bees packaging, it just drew me in and when I had a little smell of it, I just fell utterly, head over heels in lust. 

21 February 2013

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter Review

For almost a year I thought the Topshop Highlighter in Sunbeam was my perfect highlighter. Oh, how wrong I was! Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm is the perfect highlighter and tops any highlighter I've ever used, ever. It's an absolute must-have for any highlighter fan and is the perfect all-rounder, working with any look. This is one highlighter every beauty adorer needs in their beauty stash!

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter Review

19 February 2013

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

A picture of Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch
The Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is an award winning primer! It's a product which combines skincare with makeup. An ultra-light, ultra-smooth texture, it glides on to the skin leaving a imperceptible veil on its surface, filling in and smoothing away the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. It leaves your skin 'foundation ready', giving your makeup a more even and flawless finish. A very pale pink shade, this primer is suitable for any skin tone as it becomes translucent as you blend it in!

17 February 2013

Dr Jart+ Water-Max Sleeping Mask

A picture of Dr Jart+ Water-Max Sleeping Mask

I'm just going to start this post by saying I really, really, really love this mask. 

The Dr Jart+ Most Moist Water-Max Sleeping Mask is something I got for Christmas and I have been using it a lot since then. This is a product I will each every few nights as a real night-time treat for my skin and I always look forward to using it and it never fails to make me smile to wake up to skin which feels perfectly soft, hydrated and supple.

15 February 2013

VO5 VS Bumble & Bumble

A picture of Bumble and Bumble Bb. Thickening Hairspray and VO5 Plump it Up Amylifying Blow Dry Lotion

If you have been following my blog for a while now you will know that that Summer I completely fell in love with the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray and it quickly became an absolute holy grail product for me whenever I wanted volume. It still is an absolute favourite, but when I was recently send the VO5 Plump it Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion, I noticed they were really quite alike, and it was the perfect opportunity for a comparison post.

Specsdirect2u Wishlist

There's no denying that snow is pretty, and it has a magical effect on people. But whilst it coats the landscape, making everything look as if it is glistening with diamonds, I've been left wishing for brighter, warmer days. As snow has fallen over the past few weeks, I've been left day dreaming for the days of Spring and Summer. Where we can dress more for enjoyment and less in an attempt to keep warm. Where the colours of our makeup brighten up and become more colourful. And for the days where instead of needing the hood of my coat up to protect me from wind, rain and snow, I can grab my sunglasses. I have lots of different sunglasses, all different shapes, frames and colours. I usually pick a pair depending on what I am wearing that day. But that was until I came across Specsdirect2u. Now, I'm lusting after a luxurious pair of designer sunglasses which won't be worn simply to match whatever I am wearing that day, but instead, the piece which makes my outfit and completes my look.

14 February 2013

Lime Crime Lipsticks

A picture of Lime Crime Coquette and Lime Crime Countessa Flourescent Lipsticks
Lime Crime is a brand which has always intrigued me because let's face it, their packaging is divinely cute and eye-catching and the colour ranges of their products is pretty much, for brands I have tried at least, stand alone. Their lipsticks are something I have always lusted after and I was recently lucky enough to win two in a blogger giveaway!

13 February 2013

MAC Lipstick Collection

A picture of a MAC Lipstick Collection
It's no secret that I am a huge fan of MAC lipsticks. They are a product I will treat myself to quite often and I love MAC lipsticks probably more than any other brand. I recently shared a photo on my Instagram of my MAC lipsticks and a lot of people said they'd be interested to see a full collection post and to see which shades I actually have. So I thought it'd be a great excuse to do a MAC lipstick collection post! 

12 February 2013

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler

A picture of Tattooed Tealady

In January I shared with you the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers, which I love! Today I am going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler! Another Enrapture favourite among bloggers and curl-lovers alike, this is a product I have found myself reaching for on a more day-to-day basis, as it is just that touch quicker and easier to use than the Extremity Heated Rollers, so perfect for every day and on the go styles full of volume, curls and bounce!  

Plus-size Coats at New Look

If you’re anything like me, a curvy girl who struggles to find the right size in high-street stores, you’ll know that Winter coats is one of the most difficult things to find in your size. Not just in your size, but that is comfy, fits properly and looks good too! But do not fear! New Look have a fantastic range for any size. Not only does their general line go up to a size 18, but they also have an Inspire range which is perfect for more curvaceous girls!

11 February 2013

VO5 Gloss Me Smoothly

A picture of VO5 Gloss Me Smoothly Shampoo and Conditioner
I recently shared with you my thoughts on the very first VO5 products I had ever tried and how much I enjoyed using them. The three products; Smoothly Does it Curl Defining Mousse, Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder and Plump it Up Dry Backcomb Spray, have become firm favourites and part of my every day hair care routine. You can read my review of these three products here. Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts with you on the Gloss Me Smoothly Shampoo and Conditioner.  

9 February 2013

Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette

A picture of Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette
For me, a smokey eye is just natural. Maybe it's because I grew up in social groups more orientated towards alternative style and dark eyes were always more popular. Or maybe I just like the dark side! In the Summer of 2012 when Urban Decay released the Smoked palette, I had to have it. But, unluckily for me, it was released in America a good couple of months before the UK. So I saw it all over the American blogs I read, all over YouTube, and I couldn't get hold of it in the UK! It did nothing to help my ever increasing lust, I'll tell you! As you can imagine, as soon as it did eventually hit UK stores, I wanted it. 

8 February 2013

Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm

A picture of Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm

Omorovicza is a brand I hold in very high regard. Each Omorovicza product I have tried has shown to be of the highest quality, with the best benefits for my skin. Originating from Budapest, Omorovicza is a brand whose products I treasure. The Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask is unparalleled, the Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream, for me, is the best product I have ever, ever come across and the Omorovicza Blissful Treatment Oils, reserved for the most special of occasions, leave my skin feeling heavenly soft and glowing. And the Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm is just as amazing as all of the Omorovicza products I have come to deeply adore.

7 February 2013

Anti-ageing Wonders from Balance Me

A picture of the Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist, Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream, Facial Expression Filler and Anti-ageing Face Serum

I will always be a big, big fan of Balance Me. Their products are some of my favourites and I have always enjoyed the benefits my skin reaps by the dozens when I use any of their skincare. Today I am going to be sharing with you four products new to the Balance Me family that I have been trying out over the past 4-8 weeks. I know, long time right? And I could have blogged about these sooner but with skincare I feel like you have to give it a good period to try it out before you can really say whether it is good or not and so that is what I have been doing with these! So, let me introduce you to the newest Balance Me products!

6 February 2013

Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder

A picture of Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this month's Instead of a Beauty Box product! I have been lusting after the Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder for so, so long. Spurred on by my love for American beauty guru's, who rave and rave about this product being amazing for your under eye area, and particularly for use on areas you have applying a lighter or highlighting concealer or similar product. So, when I was considering what to get for this month's Instead of a Beauty Box post, I thought why not? I've wanted this for around five months now. I took the plunge and I ordered it!

5 February 2013

Lush Ayesha Fresh Face Mask

A picture of Lush Ayesha Fresh Face Mask

If you've read my blog for a while you will know two things. The first being that I love skincare, and the second being that I adore the fresh face masks from Lush. For me, the fresh face masks from Lush are affordable, good quality products which lovely ingredients and all the ones I have tried have been utterly lovely to use. Ayesha is the sixth fresh face mask I have tried and inevitably reviewed here on my blog, and you can find links at the end of this post for the reviews for the five other fresh face masks I have tried and tested. 

Argos Heated Styling Tools

World over, Valentine’s day is known for being the day when loved ones shower each other in gifts to show just how very much they love one another. Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears. Everything cute and sentimental you could imagine, and I guarantee someone has marketed it perfectly for Valentine’s Day ready to help those hard earned pennies leave your purse or wallet! But what about the things our partner’s need, rather than want? Chocolate tastes good, but it doesn't last very long, does it? (Certainly not in my house anyway, where it’s gone within a few minutes and a gulp of tea!) And roses, oh beautiful, sweet scented roses, they don’t have a long life either, do they? So why not chose something that will last...

4 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips, worth the hype?

A picture of Rimmel Apocalips

 I love Rimmel. They have been my favourite high-street brand pretty much since the day I started buying and wearing makeup. I just find them perfect for everything; base, eyes, lips, cheeks, nails! A few of my holy grail products are from Rimmel, and it's probably the brand I have repurchased from the most over the years. So I always get excited when they release a new product! 

2 February 2013

Berdoues Clair de Rose Eau de Toilette

With Valentines just around the corner I'm pretty sure whether you are single or in a relationship, the day is on your mind. Those in relationships are wondering what their partner will get them to mark the day, or even what to get your partner. And those not in relationships are probably disliking the day approaching... But whatever situation you are in, today's review is of a beautiful perfume you can treat yourself to, or asked your particular sweet heart to treat you with this coming Valentines!

1 February 2013

NEOM Real Luxury Body Scrub

A picture of NEOM Real Luxury Body Scrub
NEOM is a brand I have come to expect luxury from. Every NEOM product I have tried has been utterly divine and not only lived up to my expectations, but completely surpassed them, too. The NEOM Tranquility Organic Bath Foam is one of my absolute favourite bath time treat products to use, with it's utterly relaxing scent of English lavender, basil and sweet jasmine. NEOM candles are always sure to steal my heart and leave me feeling content and relaxed, and the NEOM Travel Candle Giftset has let me explore the different scents available, as well as the NEOM Christmas Wish candle being my cheeky little way of keeping a bit of the festive season alive, even though we are now in February. And of course, who can forget the NEOM Sensuous Reed Diffuser which open my eyes to the wonders of reed diffusers, and leaves my bedroom smelling sensational everyday. NEOM really is a luxurious brand, with luxurious products to match. 
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