Roccos Old School

2 Jan 2013

Rocco's Old School Anti-Bacterial Wash and Rocco's Old School Tattoo Balm

The last time I was tattooed was the first weekend of November and I had two and a half very painful hours of work on my sleeve. I was very kindly contacted by Rocco's Old School in the summer of 2012 and asked if I would like to try their products, so knowing I had a tattoo appointment coming up in November I thought why not? 

I usually, and have done for the past three years, used Bepanthen. Bepanthen is essentially a nappy rash cream. But I have noticed a few issues with using Bepanthen over the past year. It seems my skin just became immune to it and almost began to reject it. Instead of soaking in, lessening the irritation of fresh tattoos and aiding the healing process, it began to make my tattoos sweat, swell and itch. So the past couple of times I have been tattooed I have instead let them dry heal - Let me tell you, dry healing isn't fun. It's more itchy, more painful and more sore. But Bepanthen just wasn't an option any more and I am a little sceptical about trying new brands on my tattoos. But after reading into Rocco's Old School I was excited to try them out. 

Rocco's Old School Tattoo Balm
The Rocco's Old School Anti-Bacterial Wash is a very gentle wash. I used this in place of the usual product I wash fresh tattoos with and tattoos whilst they are healing, which is Carex Extra Sensitive Hand Wash. Once you get tattooed, how the tattoo heals mainly, even above the quality of the tattoo work you receive, depends on how well you look after it when it is healing. A good anti-bacterial wash is pretty darn essential in ensuring your tattoo keeps clean and avoids infection. The Anti-Bacterial Wash cleanses the skin which help's to reduce the chances of rashes, infections or discomfort. For me, I found this pretty pleasant to use. At the end of the day it is just a wash, so there's not a lot you can say about it. But on a tattoo level, I found it cooled down my newly tattooed skin (fresh tattoos can be very sore, very sensitive and the skin very hot to the touch), it wasn't irritating to use and it soothed the sore areas. It also has a slight medicinal scent to it and it lightly foams which I personally find helpful when washing tattoos. It's not sticky - which is a definite bonus. You can find this over on the Rocco's Old School website and it costs $13 which is roughly £7.98. Not bad for something which would last months of use and many tattoos!

Rocco's Old School Anti-Bacterial Wash and Rocco's Old School Tattoo Balm

But the star of the products I was sent to try, for me, was the Rocco's Old School Tattoo Balm. I literally fell in love with this tin of wonderful balm! For starters, I really, really, really, like the packaging for this balm. It's pretty much the same tin you would find shoe polish in and I just found it a really unique way to package a product like this and it isn't something I've seen before. It kind of felt traditional and vintage. Secondly, the scent. This smells like coconuts! It's mouth-watering, coconut smelling goodness! The Tattoo Balm can be used on new tattoos to decrease healing time, soothe the area, reduce irritation and also help with general healing by preventing that annoying cracked, peeling, flaky tattoo skin anyone with tattoos will know and hate. You can also use this on older tattoos to enhance and renew colours! To apply this, because it is quite a thick balm, I'd scrap a bit out, warm it between my fingers until it became an oil then apply it to the newly tattooed area. It left my skin smelling lovely, super soft, soothed and just looking better. I really love this product and know I will repurchase this! Although it's bound to last a long, long time yet! This costs $16.96 which is roughly £10.42, and can be found on the Rocco's Old School website.