Sleep-in Rollers | The Good and The Bad

27 Jan 2013

Sleep-in Rollers

 Sleep-in Rollers. I think anyone who craves volume in their hair has heard of Sleep-in Rollers by now. They seem to be everywhere. And mostly due to the fact that anyone who has them, posts photos on Twitter of themselves wearing them or tweets how amazing they are, and the Sleep-in Rollers account re-tweets (literally every damn tweet to the point where it drove me crazy and I had to unfollow before I lost the plot). But are they as good as they seem? Sleep-in Rollers like to shout from the rooftops that these are adored by celebrities, the best thing to come out of Liverpool since the Scouse-brow (although that being a good thing is down to personal opinion, ahem...) I saw people going wild for these in the run up to Christmas when Sleep-in Rollers cleverly marketed a 'Christmas Eve' pack. There's no doubting they are popular. But did they work for me?

Sleep-in Rollers are advertised as being the original revolutionary rollers which have been designed to flatten like a sponge when you lay down, letting you sleep in comfort and wake up with the volume, body and bounce of curls you want, without the pain of sleeping in solid rollers. Theoretically... 
Sleep-in Rollers

I've been trying out a few Sleep-in Rollers products. The Original Pink Sleep-in Rollers Set; which comes in a reusable pink storage bag with twenty Sleep-in Rollers, the Sleep-in Diamonte Tail Comb and the Sleep-in Hair Net, all of which can be found on the Beauty Chamber website. Putting the Sleep-in Rollers in reminded me of my salon days and just how much easier it is to carry out a full head set of rollers on someone else than it is to do it to yourself. But after a few you get in the swing of things and they are made so much easier to put in due to the Velcro and the added help of the (rather gorgeous) tail comb for sectioning. I didn't think I'd need all twenty rollers as my hair is very thin, but I managed to get every last one in. Before I put them in I made sure my hair was clean, and half dried. I used my MorocconOil Hydrating Styling Creme as usual before blow-drying, and also used the VO5 Plump it Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion. I've never applied non-heated rollers to someone else's head when the hair has been completely dry or product free, as it doesn't always hold, so it was just natural to do the same with my own. Once they were all in I applied a quick layer of hair spray all over, then popped on the hair net. The hair net is actually, in my eyes, a real necessity. To keep the rollers in place all night even though some might come slightly loose. But I didn't even last the night...

I'm sorry, but whoever sleeps in these 'Sleep-in' rollers does not have a scalp. Or a skull. Or basically a head. I have never in my life tried something so uncomfortable, and painful, on my hair to gain curls. Hell even using my first straighteners which were by Babyliss and were the steam straighteners which spat boiling water at me, burning me, was less painful this this. They were horrendous. After an hour and a half of attempting to even lie down in any sort of comfortable way I thought. "Sod this!" and took them out. Sorry Sleep-in Rollers, but your painful and uncomfortable rollers are not worth me losing sleep over. 

BUT. That doesn't mean they aren't GREAT rollers. Let me explain.

Sleep-in Rollers

They may be horrendous to sleep in. But that doesn't mean they aren't usable! They do give you volume and curls. In fact I was pretty darn surprised just how much volume they gave me. So how did I use them without having to sleep in them? 

I popped them in just as before, but this time I put them in towel dried hair. I used the VO5 Plump it Up Amplyfing Blow Dry Lotion too, and simply blow dried the curlers until they were dry. Then I left them in whilst doing my makeup, et voila, when I took them out, volume and curls! 

Would I recommend Sleep-in Rollers? Yes, I would. I just wouldn't recommend sleeping in them.  I think they give massive root volume, lovely curls and I mean, look at them, they're pink! I am impressed with them, they do work, I just won't be risking my sleep/scalp/head again. You can pop these in in the morning whilst getting ready, and you're sorted for the day ahead! And I have to admit, I'd be more than happy to have a girly night in with some friends and use these!