MAC Pro-Sculpting Creams

6 Jan 2013

MAC Pro-Sculpting Creams in Accentuate and Copper Beech

I had heard a lot about the MAC Pro Sculpting Creams but I wasn't overly sure of what they were for exactly. So I did a bit of online research, spurred on by some quite frankly absolute rave reviews, and I decided to take the plunge and order some to see what the fuss was all about and whether they really worth these miracle products everyone said they were. 

The MAC Pro Sculpting creams, which come in six shades, are all supposed to be suitable for contouring. Although that said there are a couple of shades within the range which could only be used as highlighters on even the palest of beauties. I picked up two, a light shade which I use to highlight, Accentuate, and a darker shade which I use to contour, Copper Beech. The MAC Pro Sculpting creams are a permanent addition at Pro MAC stores, but were 'limited edition' on the general Official MAC website.

Described as a cream to powder product which works to define and sculpt your features, these MAC Pro Sculpting creams come at a pretty hefty £17.50 each. You can apply them in many ways; using the brushes suggested by MAC (which I haven't heard great reviews of), the side of your hands, or the way I chose to apply them, with my Real Techniques Foundation Brush, before blending in with my Real Techniques Setting Brush (for Accentuate) and my Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush (for Copper Beech)

MAC Pro-Sculpting Creams in Accentuate and Copper Beech

I use Accentuate, which is a pale white beige shade, where I would highlight. So under my eyes, below my nose and lips, along the centre of my nose, and the lower centre of my forehead. I use Copper Beech, which is a medium tan shade with warm undertones, to contour, so under my cheek bones, sides of my nose, along my jaw line and around the upper outer line of my face (for a visual description of where I use these, check out this link, as I couldn't get a decent photo - sorry!)

Application wise, these apply really nicely and they are also easy to blend. For me and my skin tone, I do sort of wish I had gone for the shade up from Copper Beech as it is only just a touch darker than my skin tone when blended and doesn't show a great deal unless I also go in with bronzer to contour after wards. I thought as soon as I started using these that they would quickly run out but they are actually lasting really well. I don't use them everyday, after all they are quite pricey products. But I use them for 'special' occasions or when I am having a real 'I want to look amazing (as I can)' day. I think I will add a couple more to my collection, possibly try a lighter highlight shade and a darker contour shade. 

Do I think these are worth the money? I think they are, if you can't find a cheaper alternative. These come with a price tag to match the prestigious (perhaps?!) name. But using a light and dark foundation (liquid, cream or mousse) or even just a normal powder bronzer and highlight pen or powder, can work just as well. I can get a pretty similar affect by using my MUA Bronzed Perfection and my Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer, neither of which is over £4.99. 

Have you tried the MAC Pro Sculpting Creams? What do you think to them?

MAC Pro-Sculpting Creams in Accentuate and Copper Beech