House of Fraser Perfume Collection

10 Jan 2013

I think it’s safe to say most girls adore perfume. I personally have a pretty big collection of perfumes which I have hoarded over the years. But as I find myself getting older (I’m 25 this year, eek!) I find myself wanting to ‘collect’ and ‘hoard’ less beauty products and instead invest in a select few favourites which are just that touch more special. And House of Fraser has the perfect solution for any perfume collector – The Perfume Collection. The Perfume Collection houses beautiful perfumes both high-end and prestigious, to more purse-friendly but still well-known and respected brands. There’s the Viktor and Rolf perfume, Flowerbomb, which was a huge hit and popular Christmas present this year for many, as well as the this Clinique perfume; the Aromatics Elixir Perfume, which is sensational just by name, but whose scent is also tremendously sensuous. And that’s what perfume is all about, right? Perfume should entice, entrance and excite the senses. And you are sure to find one in the House of Fraser Perfume Collection to suit your taste; no matter what age, what scents you go for. There’s perfumes from brands such as Tom Ford, whose Private Blend Tuscan Leather perfume is rivalled by no other, to the hugely popular and highly coveted Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y perfume which is a favourite amongst bloggers. A personal favourite of mine housed within the House of Fraser Perfume Collection is Sofia, by Benefit. My namesake perfume, it is reserved for the most special of occasions – an oriental scent which makes me feel special on evenings out and family occasions. You can find all of these perfumes and many, many more, in the House of Fraser Perfume Collection. Will you be treating yourself to a new, more ‘special’ perfume?