Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

13 Jan 2013

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

The Clarins Beauty Flash Balm has become a staple in my routine. And for me that's actually saying something. I once had a teeny tiny sample of this but I had it in my head that it just wasn't right for oily skin, so I gave it away. After that all I heard was everyone absolutely raving about this product. It seemed to be a massive hit with a lot of people, even those with oily skin. 

The Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is advertised as the ultimate pick-me-up for tired, stressed skin. It's one of Clarin's best-selling products and is a radiance booster which eliminates signs of fatigue in a flash (hence the name!) It moisturises, brightens and tightens facial contours so that your skin is left rested and relaxed. It contains Olive and Witch Hazel extracts which help to smooth the skin's surface, diffusing the look of lines and wrinkles, as well as soothing bisabolol which helps to restore skin's youthful glow. It's also a handy skin prep for makeup application and provides hours of luminous wear. 

There are two ways you can use this. One of the ways is to leave it on as a facial mask for 10-15 minutes. I haven't tried this yet myself, because for me I like applying this just because I apply my foundation. It's a cream product which is slightly peachy in colour and when I apply it to my face it just makes my face look a teeny tiny bit flawless before I even apply makeup. On suggestion from my tattooist who loves this product, once I have put this on I apply foundation straight away and I find it makes my foundation settle perfectly. I actually don't know how I used to put makeup on before this product because the difference this makes is phenomenal and I genuinely don't think I have gone a day without using it since I got it. 

The Clarins Beauty Flash balm comes in a 50ml tube and is going to last you a really long time because you need just a pea sized amount for your whole face and neck. It leaves a lovely silky, polished finish, isn't greasy, is pretty scentless and I've also noticed since using this that my makeup lasts longer too, without getting as oily either. This product is suitable for all skin types and costs £28.