Failing at Nail Art

10 Dec 2012

I was recently set a bloggers challenge by Ladbrokes. Now usually, I don't say yes to bloggers challenges. I guess I don't really like putting myself out there all too much and the bloggers challenges I usually get asked to do involve photos of me, and my face, and my hair. And I'm just awful at taking photos of myself! So when Ladbrokes asked me to do this particular bloggers challenge, which involved nail art, I thought OK, why not? I'm not very good at nail art, so I thought it might be a good excuse to put some practice in and see if I can get myself to a level where I can at least do something basic... Ladbrokes also provided all the tools so I really thought this was going to be fool proof... Oh how wrong I was. But first, let me just tell you what I got sent to attempt my nail nail masterpiece (cough) with! 
The Soap & Glory Perfect Manicure kit has pretty much anything you'd need for a simple at home manicure. There's a nail file, which has a normal standard file on one side and is split into two tools, a buffer and a shiner. The kit also comes with the coveted Hand Food, a favourite hand cream of many and one I have used for years, an Endless Glove Deep Moisture Leave On Hand Mask and the gloves to go with them! I've really enjoyed using the mask say every other night before bed, it's left my hands very soft and silky feeling in the mornings! I was also sent three O.P.I polishes, a nail art wheel and a nail art stamper. 

And this is where things started to go wrong. The nail art accessories are just not very good at all. I couldn't use them no matter how much I tried and I tried most days for a good 10 days or so until I finally gave up (in fear that otherwise I would end up in tears) So instead, I opted for a bit of DIY. I got out an old paint brush! And I attempted to do some dice and card designs on my nails. In the end it actually turned out to be quite fun. I decided to do the colours backwards - Whereas cards and dice are usually white with red detailing, I wanted to do them red with white detailing. I just think nail wise it looked better! It's not the most masterful, perfect attempt at nail art but...

So what do you think? Do I pass the DIY nail art? As I said earlier this was a challenge set to me by Ladbrokes and it's all in aid of their pretty fun Christmas themed Casino and Games arcade. Now you do have to be 18+ to play on Ladbrokes but as the golden oldie that I am (I think 24 is old OK!) I have been having a whirl at some of the arcade games, and my partners been trying his luck at the casino. So if you fancy trying out your luck, then pop on over for some Christmas treats!