OCC Demure Lip Tar

11 December

OCC Demure Lip Tar

Another product I was lucky to find in one of my Selfridge's Lucky Bags (read review here) was an Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in the shade Demure. I'm fairly new to Lip Tar's from OCC, I only recently heard of them through the #bbloggers chats over on Twitter but I was instantly intrigued and when I checked them out over on the Selfridge's website, there seemed to be tons of shades I would happily lust after. And I say lust, because I didn't really think they were worth the £10 price tag. But now I have one! And it's a lovely, if not impressively bright, purple pink shade. The shade is actually pretty much the exact shade you see in the tube. It's very me, and I love it!

I actually think these Lip Tars are a little bit ridiculous. Why, I hear you ask? Well you basically need one tiny drop of this for both of your lips. One tiny drop. These come in 10ml tubes. I genuinely do not think I will ever use this entire Lip Tar up. £10 is, now I have used it and seen how impressive the formula, pigmentation and staying power is, which btw is amazing in answer to all three, I think £10 is a reasonable price. But it also seems like an incredible waste of product because it would take me literally years to get through this! But, I would actually add more to my collection! There is a huge colour range and I do think they are worth the money. And I would recommend adding at least one to your collection!

If you have one of these, let me know what your favourite shade is. If you don't, would you ever add a Lip Tar to your collection? What other OCC products would you recommend I try? Let me know! I am very new to the brand and this is my first product from them, so I'd love to hear what else from OCC is worth the investment!

You can find OCC Lip Tars over on the Selfridge's website and they cost £10 each.

OCC Demure Lip Tar

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