Nourish Protect Body Care

27 Nov 2012

A picture of Nourish Protect Nutri-Rich Body Butter and Protect Uplifting Shower Gel

Sometimes you just need something to wake you up and pick you up from a tired dreary day. The Protect body care range from Nourish does just that, with their beautifully scented citrus range. 

The Protect range from Nourish aims to look after your skin, covering skincare and body care. The Protect range quenches thirsty skin and stimulates collagen replenishment to firm and smooth. It features a special blend of phyto-active ingredients with super antioxidant ability, alongside moisture enhancing extracts, designed to protect your skin from pollution, elemental exposure and stress. The Protect range is ideal for dry skin and uses one of natures most effective antioxidants, Vitamin C, to help protect the skin's structural proteins, collagen and elastin, from free-radical damage, ensuring your skin is firm, supple and resilient. The Protect range features vitamin-rich extracts from fresh, organic Sicilian lemons, bursting with goodness and vitality and is enhanced with the joyful, sunny scent of orange and mandarin oils. 

The Protect shower gel, which comes in a 250ml pump mechanism bottle, is soothing and high in Omega shea butter and refreshing, organic citrus. It lathers up so beautiful and the scent really wakes me up whether it's early in the morning on my Uni days with a long commute ahead, or when I come home from a long day in London at Uni. It's a scent which refreshes my senses! You can find this beautifully refreshingly scented shower gel on the Nourish website and a 250ml bottle costs £9.95.

The Protect nutri-rich body butter contains concentrated essential oils of orange and mandarin, which act to tone and refresh dull skin. It has phyto-active marine algin which is combined with hyaluronic acid and peptides known for their stimulating collagen properties, which work to improve dermal extra cellular matrix for firmer, smoother skin. Enhanced with collagen-boosting Vitamin C and omega-rich Chilean Rosa mosqueta oil, this is the perfect body butter to use after a shower using the Protect shower gel. It leaves my skin feeling soft to the touch and supple, and the beautiful scent sticks around all day long, keeping me refreshed and awakened all day long! A 150ml glass pot will cost you £15.95 and you can find it on the Nourish website.

A picture of Nourish Protect Nutri-Rich Body Butter and Protect Uplifting Shower Gel