Neve Elegantissimi Eyeshadow Palette

2 Nov 2012

A picture of the Neve Elegantissimi Eyeshadow Palette
When this arrived, I was pretty shocked. It's one heck of a huge palette and I wasn't quite expecting that! It is roughly the same size of my infamous eBay blush palette (see review here!) so it's pretty darn big. It doesn't fit in my usual makeup storage, and instead sits on top of one of my acrylic makeup drawers. But, that is literally were the cons stop. I am so, so pleasantly surprised by this new to the UK brand. 

Containing ten pressed eye-shadows in neutral colours, this palette is incredibly versatile. The colours are designed to enhance and define the eyes in a natural way. It contains timeless shades and tones suitable for any occasion, style, age, complexion or tone, and they're velvety texture makes them easy to use wet or dry. None of Neve's products contain silicones, glycerin, parabens or petrolatum, it's non-comegogenic and it's completely cruelty free and vegan friendly!

A picture of the Neve Elegantissimi Eyeshadow Palette
The reason this palette surprised me is because I had never heard of Neve before. It was a completely new brand to me and I guess because it isn't a brand I had ever come across before, my expectations were not high. So imagine my surprise when I opened this palette and saw pans double the size of MAC shadows, with pigmentation that levels that of MAC and Urban Decay without even breaking a sweat. These shadows really are velvety soft and they are so darn easy to blend and build up. The shades are so versatile; it really feels, and looks, like a professional makeup palette. It contains two matte shades, the rest with a slight shimmer.  But in some of them, like the black, that shimmer is almost unnoticeable and they could easily pass as matte shades. In the pans, some of the colours don't look overly appealing. But when swatched, and on, it's a completely different story. And they last! Oh boy do these last. I've not had any problems with fallout, creasing or fading. This was the perfect palette to introduce me to Neve cosmetics and I have a feeling this won't be the last Neve product in my collection, either. 

A picture of Neve Elegantissimi Eyeshadow Palette
Top - Coco / Etoile / Butterfly / Bonbon / Noisette / 
Bottom - Smoking / Plush / Croissant / Espresso / Back Sheep

This versatile palette costs £21.95 and can be found on the Beauty Chamber website here. Beauty Chamber also stock other cosmetics from Neve; such as other eye-shadow palettes, eye-liners, bases and skincare, loose eye-shadows, makeup brushes, setting sprays and much, much more! So be sure to check it out! I've got my eye on Blushissimi, a 10 pan blusher, bronzer and highlighter palette! What about you?