NEOM Scent With Love Travel Candle Giftset

16 Nov 2012

A picture of NEOM Scent With Love Travel Candle Giftset

There are quite a few high-end candles which are often talked about here on the blogosphere but the candles I hear the most about in the best way, is NEOM. NEOM candles are almost like a cult candle. Everyone who has them raves about them and says they are very much so worth the money (£39.50 for a full sized candle!) and that they are the best candles they have ever had. Those who don't have a NEOM candle lust after them, wanting to add at least one to their candle collection. £39.50 is a bit steep for a candle, and it's also a lot to pay for a candle if you haven't tried it before. How do you know it's really worth it? But NEOM have covered every thing with their travel candle set!

Part of the Scent With Love Christmas range, the NEOM Travel Candle Gift Set comes in a beautifully designed box with removable sleeve. Each of the four candles inside is securely held in place and the set contains four of NEOM's most popular candle scents. There is Real Luxury,  Invigorate, Harmonise and Tranquility. Each is a generous size, with a wax weight of 75g, and comes in a beautiful glass jar. Each individual candle will burn for 20 hours, 30% longer than your normal, standard candle! To buy these individually, they are £15 each. You can find the individual travel NEOM candles on the NEOM website, here

Real Luxury
Perfect for pampering and me time, also gently relaxing so a lovely backdrop for a social evening and an ideal gift.

An uplifting and zesty scent that promotes positive thoughts and a strengthened spirit. Bergamot blended with mood-boosting grapefruit makes for an altogether more confident you.

For times when you need a moment of restoration to treat tiredness and to encourage focus. A gently energising blend, perfect for helping clarity and concentration.

A deeply relaxing pre-bedtime scent that lets your shoulders drop in an instant. This candle has won numerous awards because of it's fantastic relaxing properties!

These four beautifully packaged candles are the first NEOM candles I have tried. I really do think they are worth all the hype they get. These four scents are stunning. Tranquility is my favourite - I have the Tranquility bath foam and it is the perfect relaxing and soothing scent. All are beautiful and this gift set would make the most perfect Christmas present for any candle lover, and espcially for anyone you know whose had a NEOM candle on their wish list - This way they get to try four! With a total burning time of 80 hours combined, with beautiful scents and gorgeous candles, this gift set is one to splurge on! This gorgeous gift set will cost you £55, and can be found on the NEOM website here