MUA Innocence Eyeshadow Trio

29 Nov 2012

A picture of MUA Innocence Eyeshadow Trio

I am such a big fan of MUA eye-shadows. I think for a high-street brand whose shadows start at £1, the quality of them is just amazing. Far above and beyond the quality you would expect from such a cheap brand anyway. I won't deny it - When I was first introduced to MUA by my friend, I kind of stuck my nose at them. Now I'm not a high-end makeup snob, most of my makeup is high-street. But I've used cheap brands before and been let down. So when my friend told me about MUA and that their shadows were just £1, at first all I could think was, "Well their going to be dire then aren't they?" But how very wrong I was! Not only is MUA a brand I return to time and time again, but their eye-shadows are some of my favourites - high-street and high-end included. 

A picture of MUA Innocence Eyeshadow Trio
There are seven trio eye-shadows available from MUA and the one I have is Innocence. I picked this one up because it's got a nice mix of both highlight and golden bronze shades. All of the shadows in this trio are shimmer shadows, but not too overpowering. I use the lightest shade all over my lid, the next shade up in my crease and over half of my lid then the darkest shade in my crease again for a dark golden smokey eye. All three shadows, like with all MUA shadows, are soft, blendable and easy to build up. There is a bit of fall out when I use this trio, which I've found with all MUA shadows, but the fall out is only ever on the casing itself opposed to on my face! 

Mostly I will use all three shadows together as I like the look they create. But sometimes if I want a more subtle look I will just use the lighter two shades. Overall, the three shades are very versatile and you can experiment and use them however you like! The back of the MUA trios does come with one of those little eye diagrams and tells you where to put the shadows, but I personally find for my eye shape and face shape that the suggestion of how to use this doesn't quite fit me. But it's worth checking out, especially if you are not used to using more than one shadow and want a starting point. There are a couple more of these MUA trios that I want to add to my collection, particularly Pink Sorbet which has a rose theme and Passion which has a purple theme. The MUA trio shadows cost just £2.50 (what an absolute bargain!) and can be found on the MUA website here, as well as in Superdrug stores nationwide!