Make Your Makeup Last Longer

29 Nov 2012

Everyone is obsessed with recycling these days and the importance of making things last longer. The majority of us are guilty to spending more than we should on our favourite makeup. We are all aware that it’s costly, however it’s a necessity and to some of us, it’s our best friend and something we can’t live without. Do you ever find yourself squeezing your foundation bottle, in hope to cover up a final blemish? Or frantically using your makeup brush in hope of some leftover traces? Well, there are more practical methods out there to help delay your trip to the shops to top up. We’ve made up a list of some smart, and in some ways odd tricks of the trade to help your makeup last longer and in turn, save you some money!

Cotton wool buds
We love these little balls of magic as they have multiple purposes, one being to help you extract the last tiny bit of your favourite lipstick from the bottom of the container, ready to apply.

The pain of the powder crack
Don’t you hate it when your favourite powder or eye shadow breaks into pieces? And from then on it’s a pain to use, so we end up buying a new one. Luckily there’s a simple way to fix this, just add a few drops of alcohol and press the pieces back together and it will reset back to normal.

Cool it
During the summer, a great idea is to keep your eyeliner in the fridge, not to eat later as a snack but to prevent it from becoming too soft and unusable.

Face cream
Most of us can admit to using too much foundation throughout the day via touching up our makeup. One way to prevent this and help your foundation last longer, is to dilute it with your favourite face cream which also helps to hydrate your skin.

Perfume lasts longer on skin that is oily, so to maximise this just simply apply a little baby oil onto your skin before spraying, so you’ll be able to smell beautiful throughout the day.

Buy products that have more than one purpose, helping you save money. Vaseline is a prime example of this! Another use of Vaseline is to spread over it to your eyelids before applying eye shadow; which helps your eye shadow last all day.

Olive oil
Olive oil is also fairly handy, just add a tiny bit to your mascara to get another weeks use out of it.

Applying primer onto your face before you apply your makeup is one way to help makeup last longer, as you don’t need to keep retouching up your makeup throughout the day as primer is a great way to keep your makeup looking flawless and intact.

Remember waste not, want not even when it comes to your makeup

*This post was contributed by Gail Newland on behalf of Salons Direct