Introducing Etat Pur Skincare

3 Nov 2012

A picture of Etat Pur Oat A40, Etat Pur B21 Light Moisturiser Emulsion and Etat Pur Apigenin A08

Ever since I got an Etat Pur product in one of my beauty boxes I've been quite intrigued by the brand. Everyone knows it by now - I love skincare. It's very important to me, I want to do whatever I can to look after my skin and I feel that doing something to protect and nourish my skin now will be better than paying the price later in life with bad skin. I've been trying out three products from Etat Pur. Two of them I like, one not so much. So what exactly have I been trying?

Let's start with the one I'm not so sold by. The Etat Pur B21 Light Moisturiser Emulsion. Now, there is a couple of benefits to this moisturiser. I like the bottle and packaging and it is also really quite cheap for a moisturiser costing just £7.80 for 40ml. It is meant for combination/oily skin and it can be used all year round. It has a very light, thin consistency and it boasts that it combines lightness, effectiveness and respect for the skin. It is meant to be provide long lasting moisturisation, strengthen the skins barrier function, soften and provides instant comfort and respects the skins natural balance. Sounds good, I know. But for me, this just didn't work. Performance wise this moisturiser probably made my skin more oily rather than regulating my oil and preventing it. I was a little confused if I am honest as to how this could be good for combination and oily skin when it made mine so much worse. After a week I had to stop using this because it just wasn't working and it was making my everyday life pretty difficult. 

A picture of Etat Pur B21 Light Moisturiser Emulsion
The other two products I really liked, one in particular I loved. The Etat Pur Oat A40 is the one I loved. It contains avenanthramides (from the polyphenol family, if you're wondering) which work to get to the heart of sensitive skin to soothe it and provide rapid relief. It soothes sensitive and reactive skin and protects it from environmental damage. This product is also great for red or blotchy skin. And that is why I love it! I have quite red cheeks and I hate it. But this really cleared it up! Now this product is only meant to be used for three days in a row as a treatment, or every other day for a little while longer than three days. It's a treatment so that's why you can't use it every day but honestly, you don't need to. I used this the first time for three days in a row, and it cleared up my redness easily and effortlessly. A week or so later I tried it every other day for a week, and again, the redness was cleared up with no problem. What's even better about this is you need just four drops for your whole face, I haven't made even a tiny dent in this so it is going to last an absolute age! This has got to be one of my favourite skincare products of 2012! A 15ml bottle of this costs £11.20.

The last product I've been trying from Etat Pur is the Apigenin A08. Apigenin pure Active is especially for dark circles under the eyes, something I am forever on the hunt for the perfect product for. The eye area and the skin around our eyes is the most fragile area of our faces and the skin in that area is five times thinner than other parts of our face. Dark circles can appear because of tiredness and become worse as time goes on, which is why I have them - I have the worst sleeping pattern! They can also be related to a skin pigmentation disorder; something else I have in various areas of my body, and fragile capillaries. Apigenin is a favonoid known for it's targeted effect on microcirculation and it's ability to protect the skin. This eye lotion works to soothe the eye area, keeping it nourished, soft, supple and removes dark circles and works towards reducing darker pigmentation. I've found this really does work. I like it because when I wake up in the mornings on a Uni day and I'm up from 5:30am and not home until gone 10pm, I don't get any dark circles when I've used this. It took about two weeks to really start showing a difference in the colour but now it's an every day noticeable difference. And you only need one drop for both of your eyes! This also comes in a 15ml bottle and costs £13.40. 

A picture of Etat Pur Oat A40 and Etat Pur Apigenin A08
So although the moisturiser wasn't a hit with me, the other two really were and I would definitely recommend them for those with red cheeks and blotchy skin, and those with dark eyes and pigmentation. I'm qutie pleased with these products and Etat Pur seems like a wonderful brand. Just from browsing their website, which you can find here, you can see how much of a great approach they take to skincare and I will definitely be looking in to their other products! If you have tried any Etat Pur products, let me know what you think to them and which is your favourite! I'd love to hear your thoughts!