Andis Elevate Hairdryer

29 Nov 2012

A picture of the Andis Elevate Hairdryer

I don't know about anyone else but a good hair-dryer leaves me giddy. I love hair-dryers. Yes, I know that's odd. And yes, I know heat from any styling tool can damage your hair. But I love hair-dryers! It's in my nature. By trade, I am a fully trained hair stylist. I used to run the hair side of a hair and beauty salon and although I'd never go back to those long, gruelling under-paid days again, there was always something therapeutic about blow-drying someone's hair. And so when this beautifully bright and gorgeous hair-dryer turned up on my door step, I was more than a little bit excited. This is a beauty!!

A picture of the Andis Elevate Hairdryer
First off, look at it. It is the most gorgeous deep and vivid metallic red I ever did see! I love how bright and eye-catching it is in comparison to my old, worn day, ready for retirement boring black training dryer. This brightens up my hair care stand a treat! It is sleek, has easy to understand and use settings and comes with an array of lovely hair-dryer positives.

It is a 2000W hair-dryer
It is high velocity, with a hyper DC motor and a long-life motor
It uses ionic technology which breaks up water molecules resulting in 60% faster drying time
It uses tourmaline crystals which eliminate frizz for smoother, silkier hair
It has a ceramic heating element which preserves moisture, creating incredible shine
It has a 2 speed / 3 heat setting for styling control
As well as a cool shot button for locking in style
A removable cap filter for easy cleaning and a concentrated nozzle is included
All with a super long 3M cord!!

A picture of the Andis Elevate Hairdryer
Now, I am not exaggerating here when I say this, no matter how ridiculous it may sound for a hair-dryer but... This is amazing. It is far more advanced than any hair-dryer I have used, at least. It actually makes my hair look so naturally shiny and it is perfect for quickly blow-drying and styling. It takes me about half the time as my old hair-dryer to dry my hair with this and my hair just feels so much better using this than it has for years of using my old one. I really love the sleek, eye-catching design and I love how easy to use the settings are. No fiddling here! The cool setting as a separate button is just an extra added-bonus too! A quick click of the cool button and my style is set in place! 

A picture of the Andis Elevate Hairdryer
My top tips for blow-drying your hair
Use a heat defense product
Towel dry your hair first - It'll take less time!
Blow-dry your hair in sections - I do mine in four!
Don't have the hair-dryer too close to your head - you'll burn your scalp!
Don't blow-dry until completely dry - This can damage your hair
Use the cool setting just before you are done - This locks your style in place!

You can find this hair-dryer on the Denman website and it costs £54!

A picture of the Andis Elevate Hairdryer