MAC Makeup Haul + Swatches

16 Nov 2012

A picture of a MAC makeup haul

So at the beginning of October I went a bit... crazy. I splurged. Oh did I splurge. And something I probably spent the most on, was MAC. 

It's no secret, I often say it here on my blog, but I love MAC lipsticks. For me, they are the best, and my favourite. It's for a lot of reasons really. I love the look of a MAC lipstick. The sleek bullet. The MAC logo. How simple yet beautiful they look. I love the textures and feel of MAC lipsticks. I love the sheer ridiculous amount of shades and finishes available. My favourite finishes are matte, and amplified. 

I recently added three new lipsticks to my collection. Rebel, a cult shade which I never, ever thought I'd own because I thought it looked like a terrifyingly dark purple. In fact it's a beautiful shade; purple with an undertone of pink. I adore it. I thought this was the kind of shade I would never have the confidence to wear - I was wrong, I love it! I also treated myself to two of the lipsticks from the Marilyn Monroe collection. I picked Deeply Adored and Charmed I'm Sure. Both are shades darker than I used to like, but are now exactly the shades I reach for and I love them. I actually prefer out of the two Deeply Adored, yet that's the one which I took most persuasion to buy!

MAC eye-shadows. So many people say they are the best but I always steered away from them. I guess in my own little way I felt it acceptable to pay £13.50 for a MAC lipstick, but not £10 for an eye-shadow pan. But in the end I decided I shouldn't really judge until I took the plunge and tried for myself, right? So I made my very first MAC quad. I had my eye on Cranberry and Sketch, two colours I felt were pretty perfect for the Autumn and I am utterly in love with Cranberry. I also picked up Naked Lunch which I think is a lovely base colour and great for the inner corner, and Contrast, which was suggested to me! I love them all and they have been getting a lot of attention and use. Am I wowed by them? I have to admit, I prefer the formulation of Urban Decay for high-end shadows, but I think I chose wisely with my new little quad and I do love it!

What do you think to my choices? Do you have any of these? Or do you have a favourite MAC lipstick or eye-shadow you think I should add to my collection?

A picture of MAC makeup swatches
Top - Naked Lunch / Cranberry / Sketch / Contrast
Bottom - Deeply Adored / Rebel / Charmed I'm Sure