Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Weekly Self-Tan

8 Oct 2012

A picture of Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Weekly Self-Tan

Xen-Tan is the fourth brand we have been working with on the Tans for Women of Colour project and today I will be sharing my thoughts with you on the dark lotion. Now, before I get in to my thoughts I thought I would point something out. If there is a brand I hear of the most when it comes to tanning whether it be at home tanning or spray tans, it's Xen-Tan. Whether it be in the blogosphere with absolute rave reviews, or even by friends away from the blogosphere, Xen-Tan is without a doubt the brand I hear of the most for tanning. This gave me very high expectations and I definitely expected the World and more from this tan. I expected it to give me the best, most amazing, most natural looking tan there ever was and if it didn't, all hell was going to break loose (or in real life, I was just going to be overly disappointed!) 

Before applying Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Weekly Self-Tan

The dark lotion is a weekly self tan. This means you apply the product and it lasts a week before you need to re-apply. Referred to as the premium sunless tan, Xen-Tan boasts that it's dark lotion with give a realistic instant colour, so instant you will see the tan as you apply it. It is rich in nut oils which give moisture for a long lasting tan and protect the skin and you can either apply one coat for a sheerer tan or more coats for a darker tan. It has a delicious light cherry-almond scent which will be loved by both men and women alike and can be used on both the face and body. 

After applying Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Weekly Self-Tan
I applied the dark lotion, which comes in a 236ml bottle costing £28.99, using a tanning mitt. Through the course of this project I have found that the only way to get a streak free tan and not stain your hands is to use a tanning mitt and I picked up a St. Moriz tanning mitt from eBay for just £1.50! So they are easy to pick up and not pricey at all. As soon as I pumped this lotion on to the mitt, I recoiled... The 'cherry-almond' scent was to me, an intensely strong marzipan scent. And if there is one ingredient I hate, it's marzipan. (But I know others love the scent of this product, so don't let my unexplainable hatred for marzipan put you off!) Unfortunately for me, the scent stuck around for an hour or so. Scent aside, it applied evenly, streak free and was pretty easy to work in. It's a lotion, but the consistency isn't too thin or thick, just perfect for evenly applying on your skin. And, the colour was pretty evident straight off. I was impressed as soon as I blended my first willing limb, because I could see a stunning shade of golden brown and I loved it! So; I didn't like the smell, it was super easy to apply and the colour showed straight away. But did it really last a week? For me, no... Almost though, very, very almost. It lasted about 6 days before I felt it was practically all faded. But throughout that time I had a beautiful, golden, tanned complexion. I loved it, my partner liked it and my friend complimented me on it. For me, minus the scent, Xen-Tan lived up to my expectations. I just can't believe I never tried it before! 

A picture of Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Weekly Self-Tan