The Skincare Series | Face wash

20 Oct 2012

A picture of Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash and Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

It's time to discuss face wash in the Skincare Series! Washing your face is always an important step in your skincare routine, whether you wear no makeup, a little makeup or a lot of makeup. Washing your face, I think, is a pretty simple step in everyone's every day routine that would be pretty darn hard to miss out. How can anybody not wash their face, right? But believe me, I've met my fair share who don't.... The thought of not washing my face makes me feel more than a little bit icky. I wash my face morning and night and in my skincare routine it is actually the third step. The first step being to remove eye makeup, the second to cleanse, and the third, as I said, is to wash my face. Washing my face as the third step in my skincare routine just ensures that everything really is off; makeup, daily dirt and grime, product residue. I want my face and skin as clean as possible because otherwise they will just be a nasty build-up of product, germs and bacteria which can lead to skin irritation, spots and blemishes and also affect how your makeup looks. 

The two face wash products I am going to talk you through today are both favourites of mine. First up, the Balance Me Daily Essentials Pure Skin Face Wash. I actually finished this particular product at the end of September, and once my Organic Surge face wash is all used up, this is the face wash I will be repurchasing. From one of my favourite skincare brands, Balance Me is a wonderful British brand whose products are produced here in the UK and are of natural origin. Each Balance Me product has a very high natural origin percentage, the pure skin face wash has 98.8% natural origin! So you know this product is going to be good for your skin. I love this face wash because it smells beautiful and leaves my skin really clear and clean. I have actually reviewed this product already, which you can read here. The Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash is equally as lovely and I love the ethics behind Organic Surge. As you can gather from the name, their products are organic. But not only that - they also are hugely charitable and I have fallen in love with the way they try and make better changes in the World through their products. This particular face wash is super soft and gentle and it's suitable for all skin types. It foams up a little bit, smells of rose and leaves my skin glowing after use. I love it! I have also reviewed this product and you can read my full review of it here.

What's your favourite face wash to use? Next up on the Skincare Series I will be talking facial exfoliators!

A picture of Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash and Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash