The Body Shop All In-One BB Cream

15 Oct 2012

A picture of The Body Shop All In-One BB Cream

BB creams have been probably one of the most talked about, compared, trialed and tested products this year, in the UK at least. It seems that 2012 was really the year for BB creams in the UK with brand after brand after brand releasing their own take on BB creams, each claiming that theirs is the best on the market, the perfect one for you. One such brand to release a BB cream, claiming that it was better than any other, was The Body Shop. Their BB cream was released over the summer and as a well known cruelty-free brand, I was intrigued as to whether their BB cream was any good. I've tried a few before now, owning the No7 Beautiful Skin BB cream in shade medium for oily skin, and having tried the Ginvera Green Tea Nude BB cream and becoming absolutely besotted with it, which I will be purchasing in full size soon. But I was curious. I have never really tried any makeup from The Body Shop and I thought this was a good place to part. 

A picture of The Body Shop All In-One BB Cream 
The Body Shop All In-One BB cream comes in three shades; lighter skin tones, medium skin tones and darker skin tones. Before buying I swatched both the medium and the darker versions and found that the darker one was just that touch too light. So I opted for the one for medium skin tones. The Body Shop BB cream, which comes in a 25ml tube and costs £12, boasts quite a lot. In the tube it is a white cream which transforms on your skin when applied, to match your skin tone. It has pigment-filled capsules which burst when applied to the skin, releasing the colour inside those capsules. All you have to do is blend for a perfect match and an even, undetectable finish. It's "makeup and skincare in one". It adapts to your skin tone, gives light to medium coverage and an even finish, gives 24-hour hydration and is non-clogging, so great for those even with large pores! Or that's it's claims, anyway. So how does it really shape up?

A picture of swatches of The Body Shop All In-One BB Cream

When I wear this BB cream, I am not wowed. Yes, it's a nice novelty that when you first apply it it is a white cream which then changes colour as you apply it. But that's all it is, a novelty. It does give a light to medium coverage, and I think that coverage is quite easy to build up. And it gives a nice finish, even lasting all day. But there is one place this product fails me. 

It does nothing for my oily skin. In fact, on the days I wear this, no matter what primer or powder I use, it leaves my skin so, so oily by the end of the day. And I don't just mean a shiny face - I mean full on oily sheen that leaves me feeling embarrassed. If it wasn't for that, this BB cream would be lovely. I like the concept. I like that it is cruelty free. I like that it is from The Body Shop, a shop I like. But it just does nothing for my oily skin and I really wouldn't recommend this for others with oily skin, either. 

Have you tried The Body Shop BB cream? What are your thoughts on it? What is the best BB cream you've tried so far?