Sigma Makeup Brushes

21 Oct 2012

A picture of Sigma Large Angled Contour F40 Brush and Sigma Angled Kabuki F84 Brush

Sigma is a brand I only ever hear of in the blogosphere, see on YouTube. That was until I realised that online shops here in the UK also sell Sigma! Yup, you heard me (read me, whichever you prefer) You can get Sigma in the UK! And boy oh boy, I can't deny it. They are amazing. I mean, I love my Real Techniques brushes. But these, these are something else altogether. These are amazing. No, more than amazing. These are phenomenal. All the hype you've heard, all the rave about this brand, is beyond spot on. It's an understatement. I am in love girls (and boys!) 

I was very kindly sent two Sigma brushes for review, and after only two days of using them that was it, I had to have more, and I placed an order for four more. And now I have a list as long as my arm for the others I want! This could get expensive... The Large Angled Contour F40 brush* is angled with soft and rounded edges. It's great for subtle blush or bronze application and can be used to contour or highlight as well as applying product to the apple of your cheeks. It's a really soft and gentle brush. The Angled Kabuki F84 brush* is *melts* one of my favourites. It can be used for so many things, like applying and buffing cream blush or bronzer products as well as contouring. I adore this for contouring. It's my favourite and ahh, I just love it! It gives such an amazing look, it's perfect in every way! 

A picture of Sigma Makeup Brushes
After trying these I made a small (OK, not so small) order of more Sigma brushes. I had fallen in lust and wanted more! I have been on the hunt for a new lip brush for ages, wanting one more for on the go that doesn't make a mess of my travel brush holder or my bag! And Sigma have answered my lip-brush-prayers! The Lip L05 brush comes in two parts; the brush, and the case. The brush can be used at the size it is - half the size of a usual Sigma brush, or it can be placed in to the end of the case and used as a longer brush. The case is perfect because it keeps the brush out of the way, stops it transferring product onto anything else and also keeps out germs and bacteria which is a must when you think about it being used on your lips! Next up, the Concealer F70 brush. This has actually shocked me. The first time I used it I applied the usual amount of concealer, but found it was too much! This brush works effortlessly to use just the amount of product you need, blending it in to your skin perfectly. I've used far less concealer since using this brush!

I've wanted a spool brow brush for a long time but never found one I liked the look of. So I picked up the Brow Lash E80 brush hoping it would do the trick and it really does! I feel like my brows are far neater since using it! And finally, another absolute favourite and now my go-to eyebrow brush. The Angled Brow E75 brush. If there could be perfection in an eyebrow brush, this would be it. I cannot believe how effortless it now is to do my brows! This has been a life saver. I lost my old favourite brow brush, so I turned to my Real Techniques brow brush from the Starter kit but I just wasn't getting on with it. This, this is utterly divinely perfect. I want to marry this brush!

I am so impressed with Sigma and there's no denying it - I literally want them all now! You can find individual Sigma brushes on the Beauty Chamber website with prices ranging from £5.99 - £14.95 for individual brushes and £52.95 - £92.95 for the Sigma brush sets. Beauty Chamber also stock Sigma makeup, various other beauty tools, brush holders and brush rolls as well as even Sigma spa kits! And if you're lucky, you may get a surprise like I did when I made my order. I was sent a small eye-shadow palette from the Sigma range to try out. And I am impressed! Perfect shades for Autumn, too! Will you be picking up any Sigma brushes? Do you have any Sigma recommendations for me? Let me know!