REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

27 Oct 2012

A picture of REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

If there is one skincare brand which every beauty blogger seems to love, it's REN. I only heard of REN for the first time when I started my little blog here, before that I had no idea this brand existed. It's one of the things I adore about blogging - You find so many great, wonderful brands which do amazing things for your skin. And this mask has certainly lived up to the expectations set for it by other bloggers who have raved about this orange mask.

A potent bio active peel mask designed to renew the complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone. I think this is a good description of this mask, except for the use of the word peel. To me, a peeling mask is one which you peel off, which isn't the case with this mask at all. It works to remove dead skin cells leaving a renewed complexion, making your skin look brighter, healthier and more radiant. It also helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and also combats congestion, blackheads and blemishes. It contains natural fruit acids such as passion fruit, lemon, grape and pineapple, along with papain which is from papaya and exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, encouraging cell turnover and smoothing fine lines. It's as easy to use as any mask - You just apply a generous amount onto clean skin over the face and neck, leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse off gently with a damp cloth. It's recommended you use this once a week only, and that's what I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. 

When I use this, it doesn't leave my whole face orange as I feared it might when I first got it. It's actually quite a sheer mask when on. I apply this when an old foundation brush - a technique I feel is great for applying face masks and ensures it goes on everywhere! I don't get any stinging or tingling sensations when using it and considering what it does, it feels incredibly gentle on my skin. When I rinse it off the first thing I notice is how glowing my skin looks. It certainly looks healthier and more radiant. To touch, this mask leaves my skin soft and feeling supple and almost as if it's completely new skin - which I suppose is exactly what it sets out to do! You can find this mask which comes in one size, 50ml, on the REN website here, and it costs £30.

I've gone from liking this mask, to really starting to love it. And I am now curious as to what else from REN would make my skin feel as lovely as this does. If you've tried REN before, let me know what you're favourite products are and what you think I should be adding to my wishlist! 

A picture of REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask