Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle

20 October

A picture of Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle with Frankincense and Myrrh

I am a huge fan of Nourish. Their Balance skincare range helped sort out my oily skin like you wouldn't believe and I am now so confident in my skin and the range made me realise that the products best for my skin, weren't ones full of nasty ingredients, but ones full of good for you ingredients. And that is what Nourish is. It's a brand who puts a hella'lotta'thought in to their products making sure that their products are the best quality possible for everyone of any skin type. As well as their skincare ranges (you can read my review of the Balance range for oily skin, here) they also produce beautiful body products and also gifts! (So keep them in mind for Christmas, lovelies!) The newest product to join the Nourish family is the Golden Glow Toning Souffle with Frankincense and Myrrh, and let me tell you, when I opened this, I was blown away. It is possibly one of the most beautiful body products I have ever had the absolute pleasure of using. So what exactly is this wonder product I have fallen in love with? Well, let me tell you all you need to know...

A picture of Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle with Frankincense and Myrrh
Dubbed the ultimate organic skin toner, this beautiful product contains light reflecting particles which even skin tone, giving a smooth and lustrous appearance and a naturally healthy sun-kissed glow. It contains the golden resins of frankincense and myrrh, along with nutrient rich phyto-active marine extract, which work together to tone the skin, leaving it firmer and boosting suppleness. It also has super hydrating hyaluronic acid and tripeptides which stimulate the production of collagen leaving your skin feeling smoother, softer and with a beautifully refined and fresh appearance! This, smells divine. The scents of frankincense and myrrh really pull through and they smell so gorgeous and natural. It comes in a beautiful glass pot which just squeals luxury and would be a welcome addition to anyone's dresser! 

I have been using this lovely smelling souffle in four ways. Four I hear you say? Yes, four! When it arrived and I opened it up, ideas instantly flew in to my head of how to use this. The most obvious way is of course, all over! And I have found when my skin is tanned (due to the #TFWOC project which you can find here) this compliments the tan beautifully. It doesn't transfer to your clothes so you don't have to worry about any of the glimmering golden glow transferring to your clothes. All over, it leaves a beautiful finish and compliments my tan in such a lovely way. The second way I have used this product is purely on my décolletage, which is very flattering when wearing a low cut top (in a good way!) The third way I have used this, is just a touch of it run through my hair before going out. The light reflects off of the gold glimmers and makes my hair look shiny, healthy and is very subtle (so you don't have to worry about rewinding to the 90's with glitter hairspray!) and finally, my favourite way to use this? As a highlight when applying makeup. Oh my golly good gosh, it works so amazingly well as a highlight on my brow bone and cheek bones and gives the most beautiful finish. 

Basically, I am just utterly in love with this product which can be used any which way you let your imagination take you! A very big 150ml glass pot of this costs £24.95. A price I think is very reasonable considering the consistency is quite thin and will last you an age! This is the perfect treat for yourself, or the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas. 

A picture of Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle with Frankincense and Myrrh

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