NEOM Tranquillity Organic Bath Foam

13 Oct 2012

A picture of NEOM Tranquility Organic Bath Foam

Come on, admit it. If there's one thing each and every one of us loves about Autumn and Winter, it's the fact that it is the perfect weather for a super pampering bath, to keep us warm and cosy on those dark, cold nights. I for one definitely prefer baths to showers in Autumn and Winter and I have the biggest collection of pampering bubble baths, oils, elixirs, bombs and anything else you could imagine to make bath time amazing. I will put anything in my bath. I'll whack salts and bombs and bubble baths all in one go! That was until I received this beautiful NEOM Tranquillity Organic Bath Foam. And I realised, I didn't need every thing you could imagine in my bath. All I needed, was this. This, is the perfect bath product. This, is more than enough for a pampering, relaxing and luxurious bath. This, is my new holy grail bath product.

The NEOM Tranquillity Organic Bath Foam has the most over-whelming, sense enticing scent of  English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine. When I opened this for the first time I was amazed by how fresh and real the scent was. It smells beyond beautiful, beyond amazing. The scent of this product instantly relaxes and calms me, and that's before I've even poured it into the bath! It contains so many lovely ingredients, from soothing marshmallow, aloe leaf, coconut and sweet almond, to pure essential oils of English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine. It bubbles up a dream! I was so pleasantly surprised the first time I used this to see my bath slowly fill with bubbles! It makes bath time a dream! After a long day at Uni, and commuting 134 miles each way, this is the perfect thing to come home to. It completely relaxes and de-stresses me after a hectic day and I hope this is the first of many organic bath foams from NEOM in my bath time collection, because I am in love. Utterly, head over heels in love. This relaxing wonder comes in a beautifully luxurious 200ml glass bottle and costs £20.

What is your favourite NEOM product? Will you be indulging in this this Autumn and Winter? 

A picture of NEOM Tranquility Organic Bath Foam