NEOM Sensuous Reed Diffuser

28 Oct 2012

A picture of NEOM Sensuous Reed DiffuserI remember when reed diffusers first came on the scene, and despite that being many years ago, I had never tried some for myself. A new beautifully scented addition to my bedroom, has been this Sensuous reed diffuser from NEOM. And I think, maybe, I just might, know what all the fuss about reed diffusers is now!

The Sensuous range from NEOM is a rich and warm blend that eases tension and anxiety, working to create a romantic and sensual backdrop. It's perfect for the moments when you've had enough of the outside World and want to lock yourself away to relax and unwind. The NEOM Sensous reed diffuser comes in a beautiful frosted glass bottle containing precious scented-diffusing oil, made using only the highest quality blend of pure essential oils - no synthetic fragrances here! Once you place the natural reed sticks into the bottle, they absorb the oil blend and gradually diffuse the scent into your home. Containing 80% certified organic ingredients and 20% natural ingredients, this beautiful looking reed diffuser is a sensual experience in a beautiful frosted glass.

A picture of NEOM Sensuous Reed Diffuser
I've had this on my window sill in my bedroom, and every day since I put it there my room has had the most amazing, relaxing, sensuous scent. My room smells so beautiful, so soothing and it's a scent I notice as soon as I step through the door. I am fascinated by the way this works, not only the scent which is really pleasant to my senses, but the way reed diffusers work in general just utterly fascinates me. I think it looks really beautiful put together as well. It's like having a bit of nature and beauty in my room - Which is what NEOM do with all of their products, using natural and organic ingredients to create beautiful, unique products which really stand out from the crowd. This is the perfect scent to unwind to after a long day and after two weeks the oil itself has only diffused by a fifth. So I can see this lasting at least two and a half months. Which makes the cost of this worthwhile - Available in seven beautiful scents, the NEOM reed diffusers cost £35 each, and you can find this particular scent along with the other scents NEOM create, on the NEOM website here.

A picture of NEOM Sensuous Reed Diffuser