Make Believe Sunbeam Bronzer

15 Oct 2012

The third and final product we have been trying out from Make Believe for the Tans for Women of Colour project is the Make Believe bronzer and brush compact which is also, like the tinted moisturiser which you can read the review of here, is from the Enhance range. Make Believe market this matte bronzer as perfect for the face and d├ęcolletage, for a natural looking flawless,  tanned complexion. Costing £15 it comes in a cute little box compact with the brush and a mirror.

A picture of Make Believe Sunbeam Bronzer
The bronzer itself is a lovely matte shade and it is very soft. The brush it comes with isn't too shabby either, unlike a lot of products which come with their own brushes, and I have liked using it with this bronzer. I find this is perfect for an all over the face use, but for contouring or enhancing features? Not so much. It's just not pigmented enough for someone of my skin tone. That said, contouring with this bronzer would be possible for a paler beauty and may actually be a great overall bronzer for those paler beauties who want to branch out to bronzers but who aren't sure where to start. Although I like this product, I don't think it's amazing. My feelings towards it are similar to that of the tinted moisturiser - It has some uses, but for darker girls I just don't think it fulfills all of it's promises. So it's not a product I would consider repurchasing, same as with the tinted moisturiser. That said, the actual Make Believe tanning lotion we trailed for this project, which you can read the review of here, is one of my favourite tanning products we've tried on this product and is definitely one I'd repurchase. 

A picture of swatches of the Make Believe Sunbeam Bronzer