Lush Emotional Brilliance, worth the hype?

25 Oct 2012

A picture of Lush Emotional Brilliance Makeup Products

On July 21st this summer, Lush did a Worldwide launch of their new makeup line, Emotional Brilliance. It was set to be a show-stopping line including eye-shadows, lipsticks, cheek colours, mascaras, bases and finishing products. Everyone was talking about it, everyone wanted to know more and everyone wanted to get their hands on these new, cruelty free, wonderfully colourful little bottles. But are they really worth the hype? There are two ranges within this new makeup line; the Colour Range and the Dessert Island range. I've been trying out six products from the Colour Range.

A picture of Lush Emotional Brilliance Makeup Products

For a makeup line, the Colour Range is quite interactive, but I also think it makes buying makeup stressful. It's time consuming. It involves talking, discussing, trying, doing things and if you aren't the most confident of people I'm not sure how the process will appeal to everyone. The Colour Range involves a colour wheel which consists of 30 colours. The idea is you close your eyes, clear your mind and spin the wheel. When you open your eyes again you pick out the first three colours which grab your attention the most. Each colour has a name, and a meaning. The first colour you pick is meant to represent either your strength or your weakness. The second colour you pick represents your subconscious, and the third colour you pick represents your aspirations. It's a very psychological approach to picking out makeup which is meant to make you think more about the colour choices you make, whilst also being more impulsive. Personally, I think it's a gimmick. When I went and tried out the colour wheel, none of the colours I chose would be colours I would wear on my face. I think there is a difference between colours you like, and colours you would wear as makeup. But I suppose that depends on the individual and how confident they feel wearing certain colours. 

A picture of Lush Emotional Brilliance Makeup Products
I have been trying out a mascara, two eyeliners, a cheek and lip tint, a lipstick and an eye-shadow. First off, the mascara. Eyes Right comes in a 5g bottle and is advertised as a simple, beautiful and gentle mascara which can be worn by those with even the most sensitive of eyes. Lush also suggest that this is a waterproof mascara, without actually using the word waterproof (huh?!) Do I like it? Hmm.... No. I might like it if it wasn't for the wand and bottle. The wand is incredibly short, so you can't get much out of the bottle. It's also very close to the top of the lid, which makes it difficult to get on your eyelashes because you have this huge lid in the way! If it wasn't for that, and if it came in a normal mascara tube, I think it'd be a nice mascara. Next, eye-shadow. Sophisticated is a really beautiful taupe shade. It's a cream eye-shadow, but quite a liquidy cream. For me, it takes a while to settle and dry. But I do like it. It's a lovely shade which can be worn either alone or as a base for a natural smokey eye. It doesn't crease and it lasts all day too. So this one I like! What about the eyeliners? Oh boy oh boy. I was sent two quite vibrant shades, a metallic blue and a glittery gold. Not quite the shades I would personally pick. And I very rarely wear liquid eyeliner anymore as I find they irritate my eyes. But that aside, these are nice. I prefer the metallic blue shade, which is called Motivation as I find it is better formulated. Fantasy, which is made in the exact same way, is not so great. I have to really shake it up before use because it settles; the bottom half of the bottle with the colour, the top half, a dirty, gold water... Not appealing. But it does finish a sunkissed eye off nicely! So these I like too, and I wouldn't mind trying out the black eyeliner! 

A picture of swatches of Lush Emotional Brilliance Makeup
Now on to the lip and cheek tints. Power is a vibrant red with gold undertones which is a liquid lipstick. It is very, very pigmented and the colour does stick around all day and it's a colour I like. But. It's sticky. Like the eye-shadow, this takes so, so long to dry and settle and it becomes a real effort to wear it for that reason. Charm is a babydoll pink and it's also a lipstick but I think would work nicely as a cheek colour too. This one is slightly thicker in consistency so it's less hassle to use than Power. And when blended on the lip I think it's a nice dupe for Snob by MAC. 

Some of the range is nice. You can't deny there is a huge colour choice! And most of them are very wearable and the formulas aren't too bad for the most part. But I think a major mishap with this range is the packaging. The design just doesn't work. Yes, it looks pretty and it's different. But with such short applicators, how will I use all the product? Also I'd like to point out, the applicators for all of these products constantly fall off and one has broken completely. I have turned to super gluing them back on. Not exactly a great design, is it? The Colour Range from the Emotional Brilliance line starts at £14.50. That's a very hefty price tag for products I think still need a lot of work. And although I like some of the products I've tried out, I definitely don't think they are worth the hype. Do you?