Introducing Rituals

27 Oct 2012

A picture of Rituals Organic Sweet Orange & Cedar Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream and Rituals Tea Time Green Tea Candle

I am a firm believer in 'treating yourself'. Or this is how I explain my spending a lot of the time, anyway. And, as many of you know, I commute to University in North London, from home in Nottingham. So I spend a lot of my time on coaches and trains, and a lot of time wasting time away in St. Pancras. There are actually some very nice shops in the St Pancras station, but I usually always lust from afar and stick to shops I know; like Foyles Bookshop and Cath Kidston. A couple of weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. The time for lusting had well and truly passed and I went in to a shop which has grabbed my beauty obsessives attention for a while now. Rituals. A brand I have never tried before, knew nothing about and one I had never even been near. But everything looked so lovely from the window display and I just wanted to have a look! But, a look soon turns to a touch (calm down!) and I ended up smelling a few things, testing out the feel of a few things. And I became entranced by two products. The scents were just... scrumptious. Delicious. Sensuous. But, I made my excuses "You don't need another candle" I told myself as my purse tried to fight it's way out of my bag, "You don't need another body butter" I told myself as my purse started weeping... And I left. 

But then the following week... 

A picture of Rituals Organic Sweet Orange & Cedar Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream
I just couldn't get these two products out of my head! The scents of both were taunting me, teasing me. And every day up until I was next at St Pancras, I wanted them. Lusted after them. Needed them. And that's not something that has ever happened to me before - gone crazy over a product with pure lust because the divine scent was still in my head. So, I decided to treat myself. And treat myself I did!

The Rituals Touch of Heaven Organic Sweet Orange and Cedar ultra rich, whipped body cream. The scent of this, blows me away. I have genuinely, never, ever in my life smelt something as amazing as this. And I didn't even know I liked the scent of oranges and cedar! Did I even know what cedar smelt like? Probably not. But now, every day, this has me melting. It is just so utterly lovely. And oh my golly good gosh, does it feel amazing. It's soft, so velvety soft, and it sinks in to my skin perfectly and it leaves me feeling so soft and moisturised with a scent that really does stay around all day. This, oh this beautiful orange tub of wonder smelling goodness, this is just something else. I haven't touched another body butter or lotion or cream since buying this. This is really a touch of heaven.

I don't care what my boyfriend says - You can never have too many candles. And this one... oh I genuinely wish I could just make my blog into a scratch and sniff right now because I don't know how to do this scent justice... It's just so utterly calming and relaxing. The Rituals Tea Time Green Tea candle, which burns for up to 50 hours, washes over me and makes me feel more relaxed than any product, any scent has ever made me feel. I know, I know, you must all think I'm going crazy the way I'm talking about a candle but genuinely? This candle makes me happy. It soothes me. It really does calm and relax me. It makes me feel peaceful and content. For a candle to do all of that and make my room smell amazing? Well lets just say this is going to be a constant addition to my desk. 

A picture of Rituals Tea Time Green Tea Candle
Don't worry - I've not turned into the beauty blogger version of a crazy cat lady. I am just very much in love with two beautiful products from a brand which is very new to me and whose products I bought on a whim as a treat, and are quite possibly two of the products I have enjoyed the most this year. I have a feeling me and good old Mr Rituals are going to become good friends (or with my purse, at least) 

The Rituals Touch of Heaven Organic Sweet Orange and Cedar comes in a 200ml tub and costs £15. The Rituals Tea Time Green Tea candle, which is 290g and burns for up to 50 hours costs £16.50. 

(P.s. Rituals is cruelty free, natural and organic! Seriously, could it get any better?!)