Colours on trend this season

24 Oct 2012

Top five nail polishes for autumn/winter 2012
You might have noticed, but it’s getting a little cold outside, meaning that summer has hung up its hat and disappeared for another year, leaving your wardrobe well and truly in the lurch. Of course, each new season brings the opportunity for fresh styles, and we've chosen the most stylish nail polishes for 2012.

5 - Green

Greens are always a staple of the winter season, and they’re back again with a vengeance this year. Keep an eye out for deep, rich greens rather than bright or sickly greens.

4 - Purple

Lavender tones are huge this year, providing a beautiful counterpoint to any style, stick with the pastel end of purple and you’ll have a hard time going wrong this autumn/winter season.

3 – Red

The eternally fabulous red is making a comeback this winter, with deep tones designed to set off any look and add a good dash of glamour to a time of the year typically devoid of it; an absolutely essential colour this season.

2 - Chocolate

A deliciously indulgent colour, chocolate has long been a stalwart of the winter season and we see no reason to kick it out of bed this year too. Look for darker tones, the richer the better, but be careful to test, certain skin tones don’t fare well next to chocolate.

1 - Gold

The ultimate in festive nail colours is, as to be expected has taken our number one spot. Keep an eye out for deep gold’s with a minimum of sparkle, but a little never does any harm does it?
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