Clarins Odyssey Eye Quarter Mineral Palette

23 Oct 2012

A picture of Clarins Odyssey Eye Quarter Mineral Palette

Sometimes, you just need something special. A key piece in your makeup collection which is treasured, which feels special every time you use it. Something which stands out from all of your other makeup. For me, that is this gorgeous eye quartet from Clarins. To me, Clarins has always stood out as one of those brands that isn't just high-end. But in a beauty league of it's own. To me, Clarins is classy, chic, and sophisticated. And this beautiful eye quarter does nothing but scream class, chic and sophistication to me. 

A picture of Clarins Odyssey Eye Quarter Mineral Palette
The Odyssey Collection, which has only recently come out at Clarins counters and on the Clarins website, is a limited edition Christmas makeup collection. This particular collection really pulled at me. The Odyssey collection takes inspiration from the Greek Gods and is a collection of two limited edition compacts which create a truly luminous complexion. The Odyssey emblem found on the front of each compact along with the metallic tones and jewel-like powders evokes the magnificence of ancient Greece.  As a Cypriot girl, I grew up with tales of Zeus and Hercules, Aphrodite and Medusa, and all of the other Greek Gods. With tales of strength, power and pure divine beauty, this collection really works to show the elegance, splendor and magnificence of Greek mythology and legend. 

The Limited Edition Odyssey Eye Quartet Mineral palette boasts four beautiful wet and dry formula shades, with toning shades of satin and iridescent long lasting, super silky and blend-able eye colour. Presented in the signature pale gold Clarins compact with a mirror and two quality foam tipped applications, this eye palette is beyond beautiful. You can create a variety of looks with this palette, from both day looks to night looks, and as I am sure will be the same with many of you, my favourite of the four beautiful shades is the stunning gold leaf shade. It blew me away. It's a stunning shade of gold which really does remind me of the gold worn by the ancient Greeks. It's warm, it's vibrant, and it's empowering. It's perfect for the inner corner, whilst the taupe, beige and brown shades work wonderfully over the lid and the crease. I have adored using this palette for dinner dates with friends and I know it's one I will be turning to over and over when the Christmas season hits. I'm already positive this will be my go-to palette on Christmas day! It's warm, it's elegant and it's extravagant. 

If you want something special, something to make you feel like your very own Greek God this Autumn/Winter, this limited edition Odyssey quarter is for you. It's beautiful in every way and definitely one to add to your Christmas list; the perfect gift to unwrap on Christmas day.

You can find this limited edition Odyssey quarter at Clarins stands and on the Clarins website, here, and it costs £30. 

A picture of swatches of the Clarins Odyssey Eye Quarter Mineral Palette