Burberry Makeup Review

25 Oct 2012

A picture of Burberry Effortless Mascara in Midnight Black and Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Midnight Brown
Burberry is a beauty brand I have been interested in for a long while now, hearing not only rave reviews, but holy grail product reviews, for practically their entire beauty range. So I am thrilled today to be sharing with you my thoughts on their volumising lash enhancer in Midnight Brown and their sheer eye shadow, also in shade Midnight Brown.

Every girl is always on the hunt for their holy grail beauty product, whether it's foundation or lipstick, bronzer or the perfect mascara. I have been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for as long as I have been wearing makeup. My lashes are naturally lifeless, curl-less and shapeless. For years I have relied on my Rimmel X10 Volume Flash mascara, feeling it was the only thing to come close. Recently, I shared my thoughts on the NATOrigin lengthening mascara and although it wasn't quite the perfect mascara, it did work wonders at making my lashes look longer and more defined (you can read the review of that mascara here) But from the first moment I tried this beautifully packaged mascara from Burberry I just knew. I knew I had found my perfect, holy grail mascara.

I was actually surprised - I didn't try this thinking it would be the one (in mascara terms) But it is. Oh it so, so is. This lengthens, separates, thickens and definitely enhances my lashes. It does everything for my lashes that I've ever wanted a mascara to do. It's perfect. From the unique design and packaging, to the perfect wand, beautiful colour and way it makes my lashes look, it's perfect. I've finally found my perfect mascara and damn does it feel good! This perfect, now holy grail mascara costs £21.50 and can be found on the Burberry website, here. I've already added the black version to my Christmas wishlist and I'm hoping Santa brings it! (Otherwise, I will just have to treat myself) because every girl needs a black mascara and now I've found the perfect mascara, I need this in black!

A picture of Burberry Effortless Mascara in Midnight Black
Where Burberry eye-shadows are concerned, I've always heard them talked about as if they are a whole different kind of eye-shadow to any other brand out there and I can definitely see why now. This beautiful brown shadow, aptly named Midnight Brown, is nothing like I have ever tried before. It feels different. It's soft, it's smooth, it's blend-able and build-able. The colour is beautiful, with depth to it too, not just your normal brown. It feels perfect on my lid - soft, weight-loss and gentle to apply. And it lasts all day. This is a shade I have been wearing completely on it's own and that's not something I've done with eye-shadow for a long, long time. Always opting for two or three shades and building up colour and trying different looks. But this is so lovely, it feels like I'd be spoiling it to use it with other eye-shadows. There are 23 different shades in the Burberry sheer eye-shadow range and for a 2.5g eye-shadow, they cost £22.50. It's more than I've ever paid for a single eye-shadow before, but it's a price I'd very seriously be willing to pay because I've never, ever had a shadow like this before. And I already have my eyes on Midnight Black, Midnight Plum and Midnight Blue! You can find them on the Burberry website, here.

Have you tried Burberry before? What is your favourite product? I'd love to hear your recommendations for what I should try next!

A picture of Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Midnight Brown