Balmi VS EOS

10 Oct 2012

The blogosphere has been going wild for EOS lip balm reviews for months and months now, but as a US product which can be hard to get hold of here in the UK, Balmi saw an opening in the British market and took it. I have a few EOS balms and I love them and I have been intrigued by Balmi, so I was happy to see one in my August Editors Picks Latest in Beauty box. Balmi lip balms are a blend of ingredients which help to give lips long lasting daily care and protection and can be used by even those with the most sensitive of skins. They contain lots of lovely ingredients such as antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil which are great for moisturisation, smoothing and softening.  But Balmi doesn't just moisturise your lips. They also protect from sunshine and UV rays with a built in SPF15. They also come in five flavours (I have the blackcurrant one!) But are they any good?

Well first off, the scent. I don't know about the other scents in the range (strawberry, coconut, mint and raspberry) but this one smells amazing and it smells very 'real'. Balmi itself is a little heavier than an EOS balm and I think that's because the sphere is completely full of product inside, whereas I don't think the EOS ones are. The Balmi lip balms, which can be found in Boots nationwide and online, cost £4.99. And this has left my lips soft and moisturised. But does that mean it's better than EOS?
There's one thing that hit me straight away when I opened my Balmi lip balm for the first time and that is the texture of the lip balm itself. It is so incredibly shiny and it looks unnatural. And that's because it isn't! EOS lip balms have one up on Balmi and that is that their products are natural and organic. I also think Balmi are limiting their market. Their website says 'Girls go Balmi!'.. for Balmi, by the looks of things. But what about the male beauty market? Another thing I don't like about Balmi is that it comes with a phone charm attached to the bottom. God knows why?! I think it is the most ridiculous, money wasting (although I know you can get 100 phone charm cords from eBay for roughly 99p) gimmick that by the looks of things, has done nothing but irritate customers. And let's not forget the little disc at the bottom which easily comes off, exposing product at the bottom of the sphere which is completely open to bacteria and germs. 

This is not a lip balm I would ever take out with me, and it will stay in my makeup storage to try and keep it away from as much germs and bacteria as possible. Whereas EOS is perfectly handy for popping in your hand bag, smells equally as good if not better depending on the scent you pick, and is completely natural and organic. I like that there is a dupe for the EOS balms here in the UK, as I know how frustrating it is to lust after American products. But EOS is now available in the UK if you look in the right places. I've linked a few places below where you can find EOS in the UK, and although they usually retail at £6, the £1 difference is nothing at all when you are getting, in my opinion, a better-for-you, lovelier product.