Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Face Oil

02 October

A picture of Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Face Oil

Aromatherapy Associates create skincare and body care products, as well as at-home spa products, which are animal-friendly, natural and eco-friendly. None of their products contain mineral or sulphonated oils which can block the performance of essential oils, GM ingredients, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), petrolatum, propylene glycol, synthetic colours or fragrances, parabens, any ingredients which have been tested on animals or animal derivatives. An all round good-for-your-skin brand with no nasty ingredients! They have 11 ranges; relax, de-stress, enrich, renew, essential, anti-ageing, refinery, gifts, home and travel, revive, support and soothing. The soothing range is a skincare line with products dedicated to soothing and calming the skin whilst still keeping it radiant. I have been trying out the soothing face oil. 

The soothing face oil is a nourishing blend that works to soothe skin discomfort and maintain a healthy look and feel to dry or irritated skin. It contains German camomile which reduces the appearance of redness while supporting the skin's natural healing process, and evening primrose which offers immediate softness and comfort. I personally have oily combination skin, but there are days when my most oily areas can be quite dry, such as the center of my forehead, my chin and my temples. I'm not sure why this is, and personally I wish my skin would make up it's mind! You can use this product morning and night after cleansing and toning. You simply massage one or two pumps over your face, concentrating on lined areas, then follow with a serum or use it before a moisturiser. I've been trying this out at night for the past week, using it both before or after my nightly moisturiser (what can I say, I'm a rebel!) It has quite an evident scent of essential oils, but I don't find it too over powering. It smooths on to my skin nicely and also sinks in really quickly. The morning after using this product I've noticed my when-they-feel-like-it-sometimes dry areas are smoothed, calmed and almost looking like normal skin! (I say almost, as my skin is most definitely never normal) There is one downside to this product, and that's purely aesthetic. I find the 'pump' (which is basically a glass tube) difficult to use. There's no way to get the product out of it, so instead I have to drip the product on to my fingertips. Other than that, this is lovely. I've become a huge fan of using overnight oils and serums and this definitely makes it in to my top five. It comes in a 15ml frosted glass bottle costing £42 and you can find it here. As with all serums and facial oils, this is going to last a long, long time. You can also find all the other wonderful products Aromatherapy Associates produce on their website, here

A picture of Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Face Oil

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