Worth the hype? Revlon Lip Butters

6 Sept 2012

A picture of Revlon Lip Butters

In the Spring, Revlon Lip Butters hit the UK by storm. Everyone had seen them, everyone wanted them, and everyone was trying them. They were raved about and hyped like you wouldn't believe in the blogosphere; everyone was saying how much they loved these gorgeously packaged new Revlon wonders. But are they really worth the hype they still get everyday in the blogosphere?

"A buttery balm with beautiful shiny colour, giving you baby soft and healthy glowing lips."

A picture of Revlon Lip Butters
When they first hit the UK, I was reluctant to buy them. At £7.99 each, they seemed a lot of money for what was ultimately a tinted lip balm. But, like with many raved about products here in the blogosphere, it wasn't long before I just had to try them for myself and see exactly what the hype was all about. The first two I bough were Tutti Fruitti, which you can read the review of here, and Lollipop, which you can read the review of here. My initial thoughts were that I liked them, but I was disappointed in the lack of colour and staying power of Tutti Fruitti. Then I tried Peach Parfait, which I bought from a blog sale. You can read the review of Peach Parfait here. This one I loved, like Lollipop. It had better lasting power and pigmentation, and I think it is similar in shade to NARS Orgasm. By this time I liked them, and loved some, and wanted to try more. But it wasn't until recently that I truly fell in love with these gorgeous lip butters. 

A picture of Revlon Lip Butter Swatches
I have recently done a swap with a lovely Canadian girl. Two of the things I got were two American-only shades of the Revlon Lip Butters. The shades I picked, Sugar Plum and Cherry Tart, are amazing. I am actually in love, particularly with Cherry Tart.I just love them. I wish we got these shades here in the UK, and there are so many other shades I want to try too.

So do I think these are worth the enourmous hype they get in the blogosphere? Yes, I really, really do. The colour range is great, they really do leave my lips feeling super soft and silky smooth, and the colour pay-off and pigmentation for most of them, is well worth the hype, and the price. I really want to add Candy Apple to my collection next! You can find these both on the Boots website where they usually retail at £7.99, although sometimes they can be found on offer for £5.99 or 3 for 2.