The 100 Day Challenge - Update # 13

7 Sept 2012

100 days done.

Really? Is it really all over? 100 days, completed. 100 days of no shopping, no unnecessary spending. No splurging on new cosmetics and hauls. Nothing. A couple of slip ups along the way, totaling to £24. And that's in. 3 months, two weeks. The 100 Day Challenge is COMPLETE!!!!!!

It's seriously baffling to consider that I have really done 100 days. It doesn't seem that long at all in fact it feels like mere weeks since I sat here writing my very first post telling you all about this challenge and why I wanted to start it. It just doesn't seem that long at all, when in the beginning I felt like it was going to be forever. But that's it. I can officially say I have completed the 100 Day Challenge, and not too badly either, if I do say so myself! There's still a few things I lusted after in this final week though, so lets see what made it on to this weeks wishlist! 

Not much at all, just two things. I've found as the challenge has gone on, I've not wanting so much each week as in the beginning when my wish list in the challenge updates were so, so long! This week I have been lusting after the Sigma Brow Kit, purely because I want to play with it. As well as the No7 Beautifully Matte foundation, as I really like the look of the new No7 packaging and range and think it's reasonably priced!

So, that's it. No more spending ban for me. 

I'm not going to rush out and go shopping just yet. There are a few smaller, not-so-pricey things I will probably treat myself in the mean time. But not a lot. This isn't the last post on this challenge I will be doing, either! I will be posting one final update this time next Friday, to tell you what I think of the challenge now it is over as well as whether I think my spending habits have changed for the good! So make sure to keep an eye out next Friday for that!