The 100 Day Challenge - Has it changed me?

14 Sept 2012

Hello all! So, if you have been following me for a while you will know that up until last week I was taking part in a spending ban challenge called The 100 Day Challenge. I decided back in June to begin the challenge, June 1st to be exact. And you can read all about why I wanted to start the challenge as well as my own personal rules on the challenge in this post here. When I first began it I thought it would be so hard, that time would drag and that I would trip up tremendously. Much to my surprise, it actually flew by. And it was far easier than I ever thought it would be, too. Over the weeks I did a weekly update. You can read each individual update which I have linked at the bottom of this post!

During the weekly updates I made a wish list. Things I had been lusting after that particular week and wanted to buy, but didn't, because of the challenge. Now that the challenge is over I have gone back over all the weekly updates and wish lists and I have picked a handful of items I would still like. These are things I either 'think' I 'need', as well as a few things I'd just like to treat myself to. In total my wish list ended up with a total of 90 products. Hell of a lot, right? Well the items I will slowly allow myself to buy and add to my already enourmous makeup collection, are as follows. 

So, out of a total of 90 products which ended up on my wish list over the 100 days, there are only 8 I have decided I actually want or need. I've explained my reasons for wanting these products in each wish list that they featured in, so I won't go in to that here. 

But has this challenge actually changed me? Well yes actually, I think it has. There are a few items I have already picked up. Mainly £5 on an online The Body Shop spend, for a facial buffer (which I already have one of, but will be a spare) and a grapefruit body wash. I bought those as there was an online offer where if you spent £5, you got a free £12.50 body butter. Now that was just an offer I couldn't miss, and I got a free shea body butter! I also picked up some MUA products I've really been wanting; the new bronzer, new eyebrow kit, the undressed palette and three lip pencils. Again, that wasn't much, I think it came to about £15! 

The next time I get a chance to do a 'proper' shop will be the Nottingham meetup which I have arranged and is taking place on October 13th, but I am going to limit myself to just a few of the products on this final wish list. I've also learnt that a lot of the things I wanted which ended up on my wish list, just weren't necessary. I have mountains of makeup. So why do I need 8 new lipsticks, five new eye-shadow palettes? Etc, etc and so on. 

There were a few things that made the challenge easier for me. I won a couple of giveaways over the summer, one of which was just unbelievable. So they definitely helped. There was my birthday, where some of the things I had been lusting after were bought for me by my bestie and I also got a Boots gift card, so I indulged in a few items I had been lusting after. And not forgetting the utter selfless generosity of some of my lovely blogging friends, who sent me presents, gifts, products I lusted after that they had and didn't want. Things like that were so, so appreciated and I cannot thank you all enough. 

This challenge had its hard moments. But at the end of it I can say that with four weeks to go until my student loan comes through, I haven't already mentally spent it all away. I want to save money. I want to save up to do nice things, like go to Paris. I want to do things I always say I will do but never end up doing because I spend all the money I have. I have also decided that I want to give my dad a bit of money each week to help him out. And that is all stuff I will be able to afford to do, because I won't be going out and spending £200-£300 on shopping trips with nothing to show for it, really. 

This challenge has really changed the way I look at 'hyped' up products, things I 'think I need' and it's made me realise above anything, that yes I love all things beauty. But it is all material possessions and quite Frankly, there are so many more important things for me to obsess over. I don't need to own every product, just because it's hyped up and everyone else has it. I don't need to go out and spend so much money. I'm 24 and at the end of the day for the past couple of years I have shown no responsibility whatsoever when it comes to money management. But that is definitely going to change.

I'm sorry this has been an exceptionally long, almost ranty post. Thank you to each and every one of you (alright Oscars speech) who has supported me, helped me, given me advice, praise and sent me super generous gifts over the course of the challenge. If it wasn't for you lot, I really don't think I ever would have managed it. I'll shush now. 

Thank you, all of you xo

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