Sunkissed Bronzing Glimmer Compact

8 Sept 2012

A picture of Sunkissed Bronzing Glimmer Compact
Everyone knows it by now - I am a self confessed bronzer addict. I just love it. One thing I don't have a huge amount of though, is glittery, shimmery, sparkly, fun bronzers. I'm a bit of a matte girl. But not so long ago I realise that sometimes, using a bronzer with a shimmer would save me having to use highlighters to get the same effect. And so I bring to you, the Sunkissed Bronzing Glimmer Compact. 

Golly gosh when this turned up at my door I was so super excited. I mean, just look at it! It is b-e-a-u-t-iful. With five shades ranging from a gorgeous highlight, to deep bronzes, this gorgeous compact has everything you could want in a fun and flirty, sunkissed look. 

A picture of Sunkissed Bronzing Glimmer Compact
I have to admit. This is the first bronzer of it's kind that I have used. I am used to single shades; solid, compact colours. Whereas this is several shades in one. At first I was a bit like, "Ohhh, how do I use this to its best then?" You can use these shades either singularly, or altogether. I prefer altogether. 

The extra lovely factor about this glimmer compact is that you don't have to just use it for your face. It's perfectly fine for use all over your body too! Although that's not something I have tried yet. Makeup wise, I love this. I love this as a highlight, I love this as a bronzer. It isn't too much. What I mean is, you can happily use this anywhere on your face and it isn't overpowering. You need a light hand, for the slightest touch, and application is super easy. Its soft, blend-able, but doesn't break apart when you touch it with a brush.

On the subject of brushes, this actually came with a brush from Sunkissed Bronzing. Unfortunately, I decided after much inspection not to use the brush, as it seemed to be shedding at the slightest touch. But any powder, bronzer or contour brush will work perfectly with this. I have liked using my Real Techniques Powder Brush, and Contour Brush!

A picture of Sunkissed Bronzing Glimmer Compact Swatches