Budget-friendly Makeup Storage

25 Sept 2012

When you have a huge, no, enourmous, makeup collection, it can be quite difficult keeping it all organised and tidy. Until recently all of my make up was in various old jewellery boxes, boxes, makeup boxes and cardboard floral drawer sets. And it was all in the bathroom! I decided to take advantage of the chest of drawers in my bedroom, switch some things over, and now all of my makeup is in my bedroom, in my chest of drawers. I use old beauty boxes to store my makeup in as I find they are the perfect size and it just keeps everything organised and tidy. But it still wasn't enough. I wanted my most used and everyday makeup out in the open, easier to reach and basically, looking pretty! So many bloggers rave about Muji storage so obviously, I started lusting after them. But for me, £20 for some clear drawers was just too much to even consider. I'm a student, on a student budget. I can't afford £20 per set of drawers! But do not fear, because I have found storage for the everyday makeup lover that anyone on a budget can afford!

For half the price, you can pop down to your local Wilkinson's (or even order online) both of the storage solutions I am sharing with you today. I found this three-set of drawers in my local Wilkos and instantly fell in love. Not only were they like the Muji ones, but they have such pretty handles for sliding the drawers out and they were half the price at just £10! I bought one when I saw them because I just couldn't pass them by! I've also ordered another set since taking these photos (which is why it isn't included in the post) The second set I bought have some of my favourite lipsticks and balm stains, some of my favourite single eye-shadows and a couple more bronzers in. This set (pictured above) holds my every day makeup! It is crazy how much I've been able to fit in them! The bottom drawer has my favourite blushes, my favourite bronzers and my brow kit. The second drawer has my everyday foundation, concealers, powders and eye liner. And the top drawer has my every day lipsticks, lip stains, mascaras, a BB cream and some eye lash curlers. So much! I love having all my most used, everyday make up in one place! 

The second thing I bought was something I got the idea from from watching American beauty YouTubers. It's a really pretty letter holder, also from Wilkinson's! It cost a measly £3.75 and I keep my favourite and most used eyeshadow palettes in it! It fits two palettes per slot, and there's three slots. So it fits quite a few! And for such a bargain price, I just had to get it!

How do you store your makeup?