Milani Baked Blush Luminoso

24 Sept 2012

A picture of Milani Baked Blush Luminoso

Could it really be true? Have I finally found a blush I not only feel completely comfortable wearing, but a blush I actually adore and think could be the most perfect blush in the World? Oh yes. It's so very, very true. And I mean really now, look at it. How could this not be the perfect blush for me? The colour, the texture and feel, the way it looks on my skin. Hubba golly gosh of hubba-ness. This blush was made, with a crazy Tattooed Tealady in mind!

I was sent this beautiful, heavenly blush in my swap with Megan who co-runs Min and Megs. I had asked for the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in shade Tipsy, but Sephora didn't have it in stock, so instead Megan got me Dollface (which I also love and will be reviewing soon) and to replace Tipsy which she couldn't get me, she told me she was sending a Milani baked blush. At the time I had never heard of the brand but I was happy to try it out. When it arrived, boy oh boy, the part of me that wasn't still craving Tipsy (which I will find a way of getting) was so happy she sent this instead. It is just utterly beautiful and still after weeks of having it in my ever growing makeup collection, I can't stop 'ohhhhh'ing and 'ahhhhh'ing at it's beautiful-lovely-ness.

So why am I so in lust with this blush? Well for starters, it's not your typical shade of blush. I've been trying to break myself in to wearing more blushes but the shades I have previously bought are still, for someone not really overly confident wearing blush, quite intense. Whereas this is a beautifully understated golden coral shade with just the slightest undertone of pink pulling through. It's light, delicate, and I think, not too far off of my natural skin tone. So when I wear this, it just looks as if my cheeks are naturally flushed, which is something I have really struggled to find with any other blush I have tried, and I now have a lot!! It's so easy to blend, the colour can be built up and it sticks around all day. I just love it. Love it, love it, love it! 

There are actually quite a few baked blushes from Milani I want to add to my collection now, particularly Coralina and Rose D'oro. I also wanted to try their baked bronzer, in shade golden. Oh how I wish they sold Milani here in the UK. But I know without a doubt that this is a brand I will pay the International shipping for. Because this blush, is the first blush I have felt truly comfortable and confident wearing!

A swatch of Milani Baked Blush Luminoso