Lulu & Boo Organic Skincare

26 Sept 2012

A picture of Lulu & Boo Skincare Products
Oh, how I love skincare. And oh, how I love finding beautiful brands with strong ethics and gorgeous products. Lulu & Boo, is one of those brands. I've been trying out four products from Lulu & Boo over the past two and a half weeks and I now feel ready to share these wonderful products and my thoughts on them, with all of you lovelies. Lulu & Boo is an organic skincare company which is Soil Association certified, and Vegan friendly. None of their products contain any nasty ingredients which could irritate your skin, and they only use pure, natural and organic ingredients. They are cruelty free and none of their products, or the ingredients in their products, are tested on animals and their products are hand made in small batches to make sure each product is fresh and has an optimum 'shelf' life! I have had the pleasure of treating my skin to the Nettle & Lemon Tea Tree cleansing oil, Lavender & Lemon toner, Rosehip Face Lifting serum and the Seaweed Purifying mask. And to top it off the packaging for their products is absolutely blooming beautiful and made me feel like I was using super special products!

A picture of Lulu & Boo Skincare Products

The Nettle & Lemon Tea Tea Cleansing Gel is the first gel cleanser I have ever used. It doesn't have an overly thick consistency and the scent of lemon really shines through making it very refreshing to use. Suitable for all skin types except for dry, it has cleansing nettle and the antiseptic properties of propolis and yarrow. It gives a gentle and deep cleanse, particularly for your pores, removing makeup and daily dirt and grime. It manages to take off even the heaviest of make up and is super simple to use. One pump of this cleansing gel is enough for my whole face, I simply massage it in to my skin when damp. When I rinse off, usually with a muslin cloth, my skin is left looking clean, clear and fresh. The Lavender & Lemon Toner (which comes with a pump) has to me, a scent which will not please everyone. For me, it is a pleasant and perfect mix of lavender and lemon, but I can see some people finding the scent too strong. The spray pump for this is actually amazing. It's quite a strong pump so I like to hold it fairly close to my cotton pads when using it, as it comes out fast and strong (if that even makes sense!) When I apply this toner, my skin instantly feels calmed. My skin can sometimes feel a bit all over the place once I've removed my makeup, cleansed, exfoliated and washed my skin. And this is so, so soothing on my skin. For problematic and oily skin, it has organic extracts of witch hazel and aloe vera, minimizes enlarged pores and restores balance in blemish-prone skin. My pores are my second biggest skin concern (oily skin being the first) and I have genuinely noticed that my pores have looked more refined since using this each morning and night for the past two and a half weeks. 

A picture of Lulu & Boo Skincare ProductsI have quite a few serums and facial oils and I usually use them as a treat once or twice a week. But for the past two and a half weeks I have been using the Rosehip Face Lifting Serum, which is suitable for all skin types, every night before bed. It says it is suitable for use every night and you can either use it alone, or under your usual moisturiser, which is how I've been using it. I cannot tell you how much smoother my face has felt since using this every night. I wake up, and my skin feels beautiful. It has firming pumpkin seed oil and vitamin enriched seabuckthorn extract. It regenerates cells, strengthens, and improves skin elasticity. I am so used to using this now, and seeing how lovely my skin looks and feels in the morning, that this is definitely going to be a welcome, permanent addition to my skincare routine. There is one down side to this product, and that is the scent. To me it doesn't smell of rose and is quite an unpleasant scent. But considering the positive changes I have seen in my skin since using this, I can let that slide. And finally, the Seaweed Purifying Mask. We all know it by now, if there's anything I love the most where skincare is concerned, it is face masks. I do a face mask 1-2 times a week and for me they are a hugely important part of my skincare routine. This mask smells so blooming lovely, I am guilty of often opening it just to have a sniff (oh yes, I really am that strange) For problematic and oily skin, this mask deep cleanses, removes dead skin cells and revitalises. It contains organic seaweed which helps to oxygenate, tone and revitalise the skin, and green clay and active enzymes which stimulate the skins circulation and help to draw out toxins. To me, it feels like a liquid form of latex, it applies evenly, feels lovely on and is easy to wash off, leaving my skin looking healthier and refreshed.