Love Your Skin Collagen Body Moisturising Gel

15 September

Before trying out this product, I have to admit, I had never heard of Love Your Skin. But with a name like that I am wondering why I never found them before! 

A picture of Love Your Skin Collagen Body Moisturising Gel

The Love Your Skin Collagen Body Moisturising Gel is a water-based moisturising gel, rich in natural collagen and added evening primrose and aloe vera, which provides an intensive cooling and hydrating experience. I am a big body-care fan and you'll never catch me without a favourite body butter or body scrub. I moisturise morning and night and it's an important step in my body care routine to ensure my skin is kept in the best condition possible. But never have I tried a gel as a body moisturiser!

A picture of Love Your Skin Collagen Body Moisturising Gel

Suitable for all skin types, this is a non-sticky gel and can be used on either the face or body as a daily moisturiser. Now, I have a love for skincare and have a silly amount of moisturisers and serums, so for me I kept this for my body. You can use this either as your only moisturiser, or underneath another moisturiser for even better results. I love this either alone, or underneath my Dirty Works Supreme Body Butter (which you can read the review of here!) It contains collagen protein, which attracts and binds moisture to the surface of your skin. The scent is really lovely, with the scent of Aloe Vera really shining through, without being too over-powering. The aloe vera in this provides cooling and soothing relief, whilst evening primrose oil provides additional Omega 6 fatty acids which work to lubricate and moisturise your skin! 

A picture of Love Your Skin Collagen Body Moisturising Gel
I've found this product has been a great way to introduce me to other methods of moisturising my body. It sinks in quickly, smells nice and my skin does feel smoother after use. It's not sticky, definitely not greasy and because it's the first of it's kind I've ever used, it also feels 'special' when I use it. It's something different, but something I actually really like. Love Your Skin have a huge array of both skincare and body care products and you can find out all about them on their website, here. The Collagen Body Moisturising gel comes in two sizes, 200ml which costs £16.99 and 500ml which is £34.99! 

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